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7 Ways to Make Your Eye Color Pop

Eyes are a huge part of communication as eye contact is important when you are talking to another person. Depending on your health, skincare routine, and the amount of rest you have gotten the night before, your eyes can tell a lot about you. They can make you look tired and older or bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Below you will find seven ways to make your eye color pop!

  1. Cool Down: With a busy life, career, and a family, everyone gets puffy eyes that make you look older and tired. Between jade rollers and creams that say they will de-puff your eyes, you could spend your entire paycheck on products that promise to do wonders. One of the tried and true ways to de-puff your eyes is related to temperature. Get a cooling face mask and use it for about five minutes when you wake up in the morning. Also, store your eye creams and lotions in the fridge. The cool temperature helps de-puff and brighten up your eyes so they can pop once you walk out the door.
  2. Primer: One of the most overlooked ways to make your eyes pop is to take the extra step and put on some primer. Priming your eyes can have a number of benefits that will result in making your eyes look brighter. It can help keep your eyeshadow intact all day, make sure you don’t get that pesky crease mid-morning, and ensure that your eyeshadow goes on smooth. Another benefit of primer is that if you spend your money on a good primer you can use almost any eyeshadow, even the less expensive drugstore brands. Primer will bring the pigment out in your shadow no matter how inexpensive.
  3. Color Palette: It’s important to know your color palette. Everyone has a color palette that works with their eye color. Whether you have eyes that are blue, green, hazel, or brown, there’s a slew of colors that you can use to make your eye color pop. For those with blue eyes, try shadows that are light neutrals, pinks, deep blues, and light green. If you have green eyes, try colors like purple, deep greens, coral, and pale yellow. If you have hazel eyes, try shadows that are dark neutrals, orange, lavender, and burgundy. If you have brown eyes, try colors like khaki green, soft pinks, rich blues, and gold. Have some fun and see what works for you!
  4. Eyeliner: Yes, it takes extra time but it’s worth it! Apply black or brown eyeliner to your top lid. Use a thin layer and add some wings if you’d like! This can elongate your eyes making them look bigger. Once you’ve finished, apply white or cream eyeliner on the inside of your bottom lid. This will brighten your eyes and make them look bigger. You blink a lot throughout the day, so pack it with you so you can re-apply before lunch or dinner if you are headed out somewhere.
  5. Mascara: In one step mascara can brighten up your entire face. Remember, not too thin and not too clumpy! Find the right mascara for you. Everyone is different so you can experiment. Try a sample subscription box or get some samples from your go-to makeup spot. Mascara lengthens and thickens your lashes to draw people into your eyes.
  6. Brows on Point: Your brows frame your eyes and face. We have move passed the days of thin brows and are well into the phase of celebrating full brows. If you feel lost and don’t want to look like you have drawn on your brows with a crayon, check out some good videos online. There are a lot of great influencers out there that provide their makeup tutorials. Start small and gradually add more into your brow routine. A nicely defined brow will draw attention to your eyes and make them pop!
  7. Rest and Skincare: One of the best ways to keep your eyes popping is to take care of them. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest, healthy diet, hydration, and a solid skincare routine. While it may seem simple, it can do wonders. No matter how much makeup or depuffing cream you use, nothing can be a substitute for staying healthy and taking care of yourself.

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