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Brow Lift Surgery In Los Angeles

The most obvious signs of aging occur around the eyes, particularly the brows. As we grow older, the weight and movement of the eyebrows can cause them to become loose and sag, drooping toward the eyes and creating a sad, angry, or tired appearance regardless of how you really feel. In extreme circumstances, the eyebrows can drop so low that the individual has trouble seeing clearly.

Fortunately, heavy brows can be corrected with a brow surgery lift in Los Angeles, thanks to oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban. It is possible to regain a fresh, youthful appearance once again with a minimally-invasive brow lift procedure. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Taban to learn more!

Types of Brow Lift Surgery in Los Angeles

In order to achieve a refreshed, natural-looking brow and forehead, it is crucial to consult with a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing brow lifts. The following types of surgeries may be used to get the results you are looking for.

Endoscopic Forhead Lift

The most effective and minimally-invasive procedure for lifting the brows, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and providing a more relaxed and youthful appearance. The procedure involves making only five small incisions along the hairline. An small endoscopic camera and other small instruments are inserted through these incisions in order to significantly reduce scarring, blood loss, and tissue damage. The skin of the forehead and brow is loosened and tightened, resulting in a lifted brow and forehead, without any noticeable scarring.

Pretrichial Brow Lift

This procedure involves surgically removing a small ellipse or sliver of tissue along the hairline and suturing the gap together to lift the brow and forehead. The pretrichial brow lift surgery is suited to patients who are not concerned with deep forhead wrinkles, however, it is not ideal for those with a receding hairline, as the hairline conceals any scarring.

Direct Brow Lift

For patients who have developed heavy brows as a result of weakened muscles or stretched skin, a direct brow lift can address the sagging skin without interfering with the forehead or hairline. Small ellipses or slivers of tissue are removed from just above the brow and the space is sutured together, lifting the eyebrows. The incisions are concealed along the eyebrows to reduce the risk of visible scarring. This surgery is best suited to patients who are not concerned about scars or have thick enough eyebrows that any scarring will be hidden.

Brow Pexy

Often combined with a blepharoplasty procedure, which lifts drooping eyelids, a brow plexy involves incisions through the upper eyelid to lift and adjust the brows. The eyebrows are secured in place with a suture suspension, linking it to the underlying brow bone. The results are typically more subtle than other brow lift surgeries, but the effect is long-lasting.

Schedule a Brow Lift Surgery in Los Angeles

If you are ready to make a change to your appearance that will make you look fresh, vibrant, and youthful, contact TabanMD in Los Angeles today to learn about brow lift surgeries.

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