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Direct Brow Lift Surgeons In LA

As people grow older, it’s not uncommon for their eyes to begin to appear droopy, tired, puffy, and heavy. This often occurs as a result of muscles weakness and loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. When the muscle and skin becomes weak and saggy around the eyebrows, it can make a person look tired, angry or sad, regardless of how they feel. Additionally, sagging brows can even block a person’s peripheral vision, or for the eyelids to push in toward the eye. Fortunately, it is possible to correct these aesthetic and functional issues with a surgical procedure known as a direct brow lift.

If you are interested in getting a rejuvenated appearance and alleviating the functional issues caused by droopy eyebrows, it is time to find the best direct brow lift surgeons in LA. Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is a renowned oculoplastic surgeon with extensive experience performing direct brow lifts and achieving successful, natural-looking results. To learn more, please visit

What is a Direct Brow Lift?

One of the most common solutions for sagging, drooping brows is a direct brow lift procedure. The surgeon is able to directly alter the height and contour of the brow by making small incisions just above the brows and removing an ellipse of tissue. The location of the incision provides better control of the placement of the eyebrows and the procedure can be combined with additional eye treatments, such as a blepharoplasty to correct droopy eyelids.

Eligibility for this Cosmetic Procedure

In most cases, the ideal patient for a direct brow lift is a person between the ages of 30 and 60 years old who is suffering from blockage of the field of vision caused by the low-lying brows as well as a person who has a dark, bushy brow to conceal the incisions. In many cases, a direct brow lift will result in visible scarring that eventually heals; therefore, the procedure is often recommended to those who are not concerned about temporary scars on their foreheads.

Recovering from this Anti-Aging Treatment

As a minimally-invasive procedure, a direct brow lift often does not require a lengthy recovery period. The patient can expect to experience swelling, redness, bruising, and tenderness for the first few weeks after the procedure, however, these side effects gradually subside. Top direct brow lift surgeons in LA recommend that patients keep their head elevated even when sleeping to encourage the body’s healing process, as well as applying ice packs to the brow. In cases where a small tube is placed in the brow to help drain fluids, there are specific instructions that the patient must follow during the initial recovery period.

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