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Droopy Eyelid Surgery Los Angeles

For some people, as they age, the muscles that control their eyelids become weak and loose, resulting in droopy eyelids. This condition is known as ptosis, which means “droopy,” and can actually occur for a number of reasons. Even young children may develop ptosis because they were born with weaker-than-average eyelid muscles.

Fortunately, it is possible to safely and effectively treat ptosis! Contact Dr. Taban at Taban MD to receive droopy eyelid surgery in Los Angeles today and get the results you want.

What is Droopy Eyelid Surgery Los Angeles?

Some patients simply need to have the levator or Muller muscles that control their eyelids resectioned and tightened in order to lift and hold their eyelids at the appropriate level. Without treatment, the eyelids may become more and more droopy, interfering with the person’s vision and causing a sad or tired appearance.

A droopy eyelid surgery simply called ptosis surgery involves a few small incisions just above the eyelid to isolate the small levator and Muller muscles. The muscles are shortened and reattached to give a better range of motion for the eyelids.

Schedule a Droopy Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles Today!

Dr. Taban at Taban MD in LA is skilled at diagnosing and treating issues that affect the appearance and functioning of the eyelids. With careful treatment from an expert oculoplastic surgeon, such as Dr. Taban, it is possible to get the amazing results you need to correct your vision and achieve the rejuvenated appearance you want!

Schedule a consultation at Taban MD by visiting or calling (877) 697-4586. During a thorough examination, we can help you make an informed decision about whether surgical treatment is right for you.

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