Enculeation and Evisceration

What is the Difference Between Enucleation and Evisceration?

Enucleation is the surgical procedure in which is eyeball is removed. Evisceration is a procedure similar to enucleation, with the difference that the sclera (eye shell) is not removed.

Which option is better? If the option is available, evisceration is preferred as it provides better
ocular motility and reduces the chances of implant extrusion in the future.

Why are these procedures necessary?

There are many reasons why a patient may need his or her eyeball removed: 

• Cosmetic reasons due to disfigurement
• Severe infection in eye
• Control pain in a blind eye
• Remove a tumor
• Severe injury

Who should perform these procedures?

When in need of enucleation or evisceration, it is best to use an experienced and board certified oculoplastic surgeon. He or she will determine which option is best for you.