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Eyelid Position Correction

Has the position of your eyelids changed, giving you a tired, sad, or older appearance? Or have you always been dissatisfied with the appearance of your eyes due to droopy eyelids? Whether you are suffering from a condition known as entropion, where the eyelid curves inwards, or ectropion, where the eyelid curves away from the eye, it is crucial to get the condition treated as soon as possible by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.

To receive the care and treatment you need for malpositioned eyelids and to protect your eyesight from potential vision loss, schedule a consultation with the skilled team at Taban MD in Santa Barbara.

Types of Eyelid Malposition

The tissue around the eyes is very delicate and can change over time, losing volume and elasticity. In some cases, certain individuals may end up with with malposition of the eyelids that either causes irritation, vision loss, or simple unappealing appearance. These conditions can also be the result of injury, facial paralysis, or even sun damage.

  • Ptosis – This eye condition is also known as simply droopy eyelids and can affect the upper or lower lids. In many cases, this condition is the result of weak or stretched eyelid muscles, or excess skin or fat due to age.
  • Entropion – This painful condition occurs when the eyelid curves in, pressing the eyelashes against the vulnerable eyeball. If not treated soon enough, the eyelashes can irritate, scratch, and damage the eye, potentially causes significant injury to the cornea and causing blindness.
  • Ectropion – This condition occurs when the eyelid turns out, exposing the eyeball to air and debris. The exposed eye can become red, irritated, and even damaged if left untreated, potentially leading to serious vision loss.

Eyelid Position Correction Surgery

There are several surgical techniques designed to treat a wide range of eyelid malpositions. The dedicated oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Taban has extensive training and experience correcting eyelid positions through minimally-invasive techniques and can accurately diagnose and treat eyelid malposition.

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