Eyelid Surgeon Taban MD: Under Eye Bags


Eyelid Surgeon Taban MD: Under Eye Bags

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Is Restylane a Good Option for Under Eye Bags?

I am 40, living in London and look constantly tired due to the bags under my eyes. I have read rave reviews on restylane injections on here but when i asked a cosmetic surgeon in London he was luke warm at the idea of doing the proceedure, and recommended fraxel laser instead. Is restylane the way forward and can anyone recommend me a specialist in London as I’ve read that you must use someone with a wealth of experience. The cost of the proceedure is unimportant.



Filler (Restylane) under your eyes to fill in the dark hollow circle is a very good nonsurgical option for you. I am sure they are people in London who do it (seek an oculoplastic surgeon).