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Heavy Upper Eyelid

Have you noticed that one of your eyelids has become heavy and droopy? Do your eyes look crooked or tired, making you look different than how you feel on the inside? If one or both eyelids is drooping, you may be suffering from a condition called ptosis, which often occurs as a result of the eyelid muscles becoming stretched or loose over time. The condition can be frustrating and may make you feel uncomfortably self-conscious. Fortunately, there is a safe and effective treatment available called ptosis surgery!

Don’t let drooping, heavy upper eyelids cause you discomfort or interfere with your field of vision. Contact Taban MD to set up an appointment in Los Angeles to get the treatment you need for a refreshed appearance!

Treating Heavy Upper Eyelids

In the majority of cases, heavy upper eyelids are the result of weakened eyelid muscles called the levators and Muller’s muscles. Excess skin and fat can also contribute to heavy upper eyelids. Therefore, correcting droopy eyelids can be a fairly simple procedure in which the weakened or loos muscles are shortened and reattached to hold the eyelids at a more natural and comfortable position on the eyes.

The procedure typically requires only local anesthetic in order for the patient to open and close his or her eyes depending on the doctor’s instruction, allowing the doctor to achieve the best, symmetrical results as possible.

Recovery can take a matter of weeks. Patients may experience blurry vision during recovery, as well as swelling, redness, and soreness around the eyes that typically dissipates over time.

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Whether one or both of your eyelids has become heavy and droopy, the condition can be corrected during a short surgical procedure. It is important to only undergo surgical procedures with an experienced surgeon who has a strong track record of success, like Dr. Taban at Taban MD in Los Angeles. Visit our website at or call (877) 697-4586 to schedule a consultation.

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