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How to Fix Droopy Eyelids

What causes droopy eyelids?

As we age, muscles and tissue around the eye begin to deteriorate, causing a droopy eyelid look that is both aesthetically unappealing, and also can harm vision.  This droopy eyelid syndrome is called “ptosis.”

The most common cause of a droopy eyelid is the weakening and stretching of the levator muscle, the major muscle that lifts the eyelid. Other causes of ptosis include trauma, neurological disease, or complications following cataract or eye surgery due to stretching muscle or tendon.

What is Ptosis?

Eyelid ptosis occurs when the levator muscle weakens or stretches. The resulting droopy eyelid may cause a reduction in the patient’s vision if the eyelid obstructs the pupil in any way. Ptosis patients may have trouble keeping theireyelids open as the condition worsens. They may arch their eyebrows habitually, or even need to lift their eyelids with their fingers in order to see. Children suffering from ptosis can develop lazy eye or a developmental delay as a result of the limited vision.

How can I fix my droopy eyelids?

There are many ways to correct ptosis, both for reconstructive and cosmetic purposes. Ptosis surgery is the primary way to fix droopy eyelids so that they no longer obstruct the patient’s eyesight. The goal of ptosis surgery is to elevate the eyelid to permit a full field of vision and to achieve symmetry with the opposite upper eyelid. This eyelid surgery involves tightening the levator muscle to achieve an eyelid lift.

Under the treatment of Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS, ptosis surgery can be performed through a posterior eyelid approach (mullerectomy), resulting in scar-less surgery with excellent eyelid contour. Dr. Taban also specializes in performing revisinal ptosis surgery, in those with (multiple) prior ptosis operations.  Dr. Taban also treats severe cases of ptosis, in which a frontalis “sling” operation is needed to enable forehead muscles to elevate the eyelids.

Another type of surgery performed by Dr. Taban is blepharoplasty, or more commonly known as the eye lift.This eyelid surgery corrects both excess skin of the upper eyelids (upper blepharoplasty) and bags under the eyes (lower blepharoplasty).  During a blepharoplasty, Dr. Taban removes the excess skin from the eyelids, to create a significant correction both surgically and aesthetically. Eyelid surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes – features that make you look older and more tired.

Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is a renowned oculoplastic surgeon.  In addition to routine ptosis surgery and blepharoplasty, he also has experience with specialized eyelid surgeries, including Asian blepharoplasty and revision blepharoplasty. Dr. Taban also performs several cosmetic surgeries including eye lifts, which can also help with droopy eyelids. Dr. Taban will perform some tests during your consultation and then determine the best form of correction for the individual patient.

Who should I consult about my droopy eyelids?

A board certified oculoplastic surgeon like Dr. Taban should perform ptosis surgery.  Your surgeon should be a cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeon specializing in the eyelids, orbit, and tear drain system. Eyelid surgeries are delicate and important to your eyesight and your appearance, and should only be performed by specialists.  In addition to oculoplasty, Dr. Taban is a double board certified ophthalmologist and facial plastic surgeon, who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the eye, and has expertise in ptosis surgery.

Dr. Taban has two oculoplasty office locations, in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara.