Is It Possible to Surgically Remove 4 Year Old Fillers?

Fat Filler Before and After



Is it possible to surgically remove filler (Juvaderm) injected 4 years ago under the eyes? Ive had multiple hyaluronidase (at least 6 or 7) and 1 steroid injection which failed to reduce the lumpiness (they just degraded my tissue), nor has time resolved the problem (despite doctors’ claims that this filler is “temporary” and “reversible”!). If the Juvaderm has indeed been absorbed/dissolved, why is the lumpiness still there and can whatever is there be removed, akin to a bleph?

Answer by Dr. Taban – Eyelid Surgeon:

Another alternative option to removing any lump present in your case is to actually fill in the hollow areas surrounding it (upper cheek, lower eyelid, etc) with fat transfer, or possibly other fillers. Consult an oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon.