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Need A Solution For Droopy Eyelids?

Droopy Eyelid Surgeon

If you’ve been experiencing issues with droopy eyelids you may be wondering what treatments are available to you. A droopy eyelid surgeon (aka oculoplastic surgeon) can help you to reposition and tightened the muscle and/or skin of the eyelids to correct this issue. There are many benefits to this surgery and a few possible complications as well. While the upper eyelids can be treated alone some patients also have the lower lids reconstructed as well in a combination procedure known as blepharoplasty. Below are some of the benefits of working with a droopy eyelid surgeon to correct your cosmetic or visual problems that may have resulted from droopy eyelids, also known as Ptosis.

What causes the eyelids to droop?

The eyelids may begin to droop for a variety of reasons, the most common being advancing age. True droopy upper eyelids (eyelid ptosis) are caused by weakened levator muscle which is responsible for lifting the upper eyelid. Droopy eyelid can also be simulated by loose, saggy upper eyelid skin as the skin looses a great deal of its elasticity. When this occurs surgical treatment may be desired or required depending on the symptoms associated with droopy eyelids. Other causes could include tumors, muscular diseases, nerve injury, or eye trauma. Another cause of droopy eyelids is congenital Ptosis, which is present at birth causing droopy eyelids in infants and young children. Stroke, diabetes, and Horner’s syndrome are also major causes of this disease in mature populations too.

What issues could droopy eyelids cause?

Droopy eyelid (ptosis) is commonly a cosmetic concern, but can produce medical issues as well. Droopy eyelids are well known for causing an obstruction of vision, but they may also cause other issues including a lazy eye and astigmatism. If you have drooping eyelids that are causing vision problems it’s important to have your condition evaluated. A droopy eyelid surgeon (oculoplastic surgeon) can help you to learn about your condition and discuss the best treatments for you.

How can a droopy eyelid surgeon help me?

A droopy eyelid surgeon can help you to tighten the muscle and/or skin of your eyelids, remove excess skin, and adjust the position of your eyelids. This can help you to have a more satisfying physical appearance and correct many vision issues. Having drooping eyelids corrected could also prevent future issues such as the development of astigmatism or a lazy eye too. So if you have droopy eyelids they can be fixed whether the cause is age, disease, injury, or a congenital issues from birth.

If you have drooping eyelids they may be causing you to feel less confident in your appearance. Drooping eyelids can also cause a variety of vision issues or simple obstruction of the patient’s vision also. For more information on the treatment of eyelid Ptosis, please see a local droopy eyelid surgeon (oculoplastic surgeon) to help you to find the best treatment for you. Whether you simply need correction of the upper eyelids through eyelid ptosis surgery and/or blepharoplasty, your oculoplastic surgeon can assist you to reach the best outcome possible for your individual condition. See a droopy eyelid surgeon in your area today for more information.  (An oculoplastic specialist is an ophthalmologist with specialized fellowship training in plastic surgery around the eyes.)

How can a droopy eyelid surgeon help me?

How can a droopy eyelid surgeon help me?