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Orbital Fracture: What Is It?

Sustaining an orbital fracture or eyelid laceration for any reason can be an extremely difficult and painful process to go through. However, with the help of a board certified oculoplastic surgeon, like Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban, your pain and suffering can be greatly reduced. Dr. Taban encourages all patients to seek medical attention if they feel they’ve suffered an orbital fracture or eyelid laceration.

Who Is At Risk For An Orbital Fracture?

Orbital fractures affect many people in the United States each year, and are often a result of sporting events, car accidents, and matters of personal injury such as fistfights. If you’re an athlete, steps can be taken to greatly reduce your possibility of sustaining an orbital fracture by simply wearing protective gear such as helmets, eye glasses, and face masks at all times.

Signs of Orbital Fracture

When a person sustains an injury to the eye socket resulting in an orbital fracture or eyelid laceration, it’s generally grounds to consult a board certified oculoplastic surgeon for treatment. The following can usually identify trauma from an orbital fracture:

  • Bruising
  •  Bleeding
  • Cuts
  • Swollen Tissue
  • Double Vision

Orbital Fracture & Sports Injuries

Athletes are always at an extremely heightened risk of incurring an orbital fracture or eyelid laceration. Recently, first-round MLB draft pick Brian Johnson was struck with a baseball directly to his left eye as a result of a line drive hit. Johnson is still undergoing tests to determine the severity of his injury, however it has been determined that he sustained multiple orbital fractures on the left side of his face with no sign of a concussion. Dr. Taban encourages athletes to always visit a board certified ophthalmologist/oculoplastic surgeon if an injury during a sporting event or exercise has caused them vision problems, a concussion, or over all pain and discomfort in the eyes, neck, or head.

Treatment For Orbital Fracture

Because there are many different forms of orbital fractures, it’s best to be examined by a board certified oculoplastic surgeon before deciding on a set surgical procedure. Dr. Taban, oculo-facial surgeon in Beverly Hills, closely examines each patient to determine which treatment option is best for them. Generally, orbital fractures result in broken bones, which may require a surgical procedure to be performed. During your initial consultation, Dr. Taban will make sure that you understand your options fully. Before and after orbital fracture photos can be viewed in Dr.Taban’s photo gallery.

Dr. Taban: Expert Orbital Fracture Surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles & Santa Barbara

If you’ve sustained any sort of blunt injury or trauma and have yet to seek medical care, it’s important to do so as soon as possible to ensure that the proper precautions are taken to treat your orbital fracture or eyelid trauma. Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is a board certified Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara who has an extensive knowledge in the treatment of Orbital Fractures and Eyelid Laceration. To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Taban today, contact his office.