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realself-reviewsGreat experience before, during, and after my surgery! I was looking for a Doctor to perform Lower eyelid retraction surgery. I found Dr. Taban on … I live in New Mexico, which was not a problem. The Skype consultation was a

Shane Sears

defaultI had a procedure to remove excess skin on my upper eye lids and below my eyes, with fat repositioning to the hollow areas below my eyes (upper and lower Bleparoplasty). As I was an out-of-town client (from Seattle), Dr Taban and his office, Tasha

Amanda C.

Shane Sears

Dr. Taban performed bilateral orbital decompression for my TED in August, 2016. It’s been more than 6 months since the surgery and my eyes have completely recovered and the scars from incisions were barely visible. I can say with confidence that he i

Charleen Tran

realself-reviewsVery natural look after quad blepharoplasty. Approaching my 50s I have decided to finally take care of my eye bags that have been bothering me for years. I have naturally heavy eyelids but with age the issue has become more and more visible. I live