What is a Chalazion?

Do You Have a Chalazion?

If you have something that looks like a sty but has not gone away, then the answer is probably yes. A chalazion is caused by a blocked tear gland in the eyelid. It often occurs due to a common condition called blepharitis, which cause the many tiny tear glands in the eyelids to produce thick oily secretions.

How is a sty different from a chalazion?

They differ in that a sty is caused by an active bacterial infection while a chalazion is caused by inflammation only. A chalazion is sometimes the after effect of a sty. It is less tender but lasts longer.

What are symptoms of a chalazion?

You may have some or all of the following symptoms:

● Appearance of a painless bump or lump in the upper eyelid, or in the lower eyelid

● Tearing

● Blurred vision, if the chalazion is large enough to press against the eyeball How do you treat a chalazion?

Many chalazia go away on their own in a few weeks or a month.

If it does not go away, it may be worth going to your doctor. Treatment options depend on the size and exact location of the chalazion. Treatment options for chalazia include aggressive eyelid hygiene, injection of a medicine into the chalazion, and surgical drainage in the office.