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What You Should Learn This Eye Injury Prevention Month

For many people, the month of October is the true beginning of fall, marked by ever-shorter days and a sudden abundance of pumpkins. But what many people don’t realize is that October is also Eye Injury Prevention Month worldwide. At Taban MD, we believe that eye safety is a year-round concern, but understand that it may not always be at the forefront of everyone’s minds the way it is for our team. To help protect your eyes from common dangers, we’ve compiled the most important information for you to take away this month.

The Most Common Causes of Eye Injuries

It may surprise you to know that nearly half of all injuries that affect the eyes occur in the home. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the most common causes of eye injuries that occur at home include:

Home Repairs or Projects: Drilling, hammering, sawing, and sanding can kick up a lot of debris and splinters that can get in one’s eye. You may be in the comfort of home, but whether mowing the lawn or building a new coffee table, always wear safety glasses to shield your eyes.

Cleaning: The products we use to keep our homes clean are often full of harsh chemicals that can cause serious harm to our eyes. Bleach, toilet cleaner, or window spray can easily splash back unexpectedly, resulting in chemical burns or other eye injuries. You may be doing weekly chores, but if chemicals are involved, wear protective eyewear.

Cooking: Preparing a meal or popping a frozen meal into the microwave may seem innocuous, but if you’re not careful, steam, hot liquids, and grease can bubble and splash unexpectedly. Whether you’ve got pots simmering on the stove or you’re peeling back the cover on a seal meal, be sure to keep your eyes and face well away from potential spray.

Cosmetics: With Halloween around the corner, more people will be applying paints and makeup around their eyes, which makes it all the more easy to get products in your eyes. Avoid applying makeup, especially cheaper, novelty makeup too close to the sensitive skin around your eyes and eyelashes. Also, do not use novelty contact lenses. The chemicals used to create a spooky iris may actually cause significant damage to your eyes.

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Protective eyewear and safety goggles are not just for the workplace. Whether in the safety of home or out and about running errands, always remember to keep your eyes shielded from harsh elements. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban if you or someone you love has suffered an eye injury or condition. Injuries can range from eyelid laceration to orbital (eye socket) blow-out fracture (which can cause sunken eye or enophthalmos and double vision). An oculoplastic surgeon can provide the reconstructive or cosmetic help you need.

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