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Almond Eye Surgery Costs

Almond Eye Surgery is a cosmetic surgery designed to change unwanted eye shapes into almond shaped eyes. With almond eyes, the outer corner of the eye is slightly higher than the inner corner of the eye. Both the bottom and top eyelids just touch the iris, covering most of the surrounding white area.


Young Asian female, with inherited bulging eyes, lower eyelid retraction with sclera show, underwent scarless orbital decompression and lower eyelid retraction surgery. She can now close her eyes normally with improved natural eye shape.


Average Costs of Almond Eye Surgery

Many people considering almond eye surgery inquire how much it will cost. According to Real Self, the average cost for almond eye surgery is just more than $4,500. Prices can range from less than $1,000 to more than $15,000. The actual cost varies depending on factors such as amount of work required, the techniques utilized, and type of anesthesia used.

While a more affordable option may seem favorable, many people unfortunately realize that they get what they pay for. Often surgeons who offer substantially lower costs do not have the required experience needed to deliver their patients consistent results. This can result in unattractive eye shapes or functional damage that requires subsequent surgeries.

Schedule Your Almond Eye Surgery Consultation

Since the exact price depends on the individual’s anatomy, only a live consultation can determine it. Here the surgeon examines the patients’ eyes and evaluates which approach will deliver the best results. The experienced Dr. Taban of Southern California evaluates patients’ orbital anatomy to develop and execute a plan for achieving cosmetic goals.

Dr. Taban is a renowned oculoplastic surgeon who developed a technological advancement in almond eye surgery that reduces the chance of a visible scar and future complications by making the incision inside the lower eyelids. He maintains a pristine reputation in the Greater Los Angeles area for cosmetic and functional oculoplastic surgery.

Financing Is Available

At Dr. Taban’s offices we understand that the costs of almond eye surgery may be steep for some patients. As a result, we offer qualifying patients the option to finance the surgery. Patients may even qualify prior to the consultation. Our offices accept cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as forms of payment.

Easily reach our offices by phone to discuss payment options or to schedule a consultation.