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Orbital Decompression ( Bulging Eye ) Gallery

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Words cannot explain how much my life has changed since the life changing procedure/surgery. I had orbital decompression, lower eyelid retraction, and orbital rim tear trough implants…I’ve spent a great deal of time doing extensive research into this surgical procedure…After the consultation with Dr. Taban, I finally felt I found someone who I trusted … He exceeded my expectations with the outcome of the procedure…We only get one pair of eyes and I trusted Dr. Taban with my procedure and the results have changed my life physically and emotionally. Thank you, Dr.Taban.
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Sandra S.

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Dr. Ray Taban is literally a miracle worker. Let me preface this review by saying I have extensive knowledge of soft tissue surgery and oral/maxillofacial surgery. … I know of many occuloplastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, implant specialists, craniofacial surgeons, and so on. When it comes to the periorbital region (everything around the eyes) he IS the best in the world. … What Taban did was unbelievable. Through canthoplasty, tear trough implants (on the orbital rim), lower lid retraction, orbital decompression, and slight lowering of the upper eyelid (on the left eye), I now have hooded eyes (I am male; this was intended), a extreme sweeping effect, a high lateral canthus position, and a lower lid so high that it likely won’t descend for decades (and it looks great as well) Once again, he has performed beyond expectation, … I look so amazing I do not want anyone to know this was the result of surgery. I can live my life in bliss …
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April 2017 Read More Reviews
Where do I begin!!? A few months ago I had a cosmetic orbital decompression surgery on my right eye with none the less, Dr. Taban and the experience was beyond amazing. … His hands work magic! My eye has never looked so great. I’m forever in debt to Dr. Taban and his staff! Definitely the best surgeon in town. I’m so grateful I chose him!
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April 2017 Read More Reviews
Since i was a child dealing with bulging eye problem,… Let me tell you my story a few months ago i had Orbital Decompression Surgery on my both eyes. … Dr. Taban, you are a Godsend and truly a great doctor. … You have my highest recommendation!
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Sincerely, Selin Walker

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