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Revisional Eyelid Surgery Before and After Gallery

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I have a left eyelid ptosis , my left lid was super droopy and muscle is week, i did 2 unsuccessful surgeries with two different doctors to lift it, and nothing changed, i think after second one my eyelid curvve was actually worst. I found Dr. Taban myself, and decided to do the third surgery with him. … I am really happy with my results . I can see the difference from before and also now my lid is more lifted, and curve is better. He did a different method than others…

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I had severe lower eyelid retraction caused by a prior fat re-positioning surgery last year in another country. I felt hopeless and very depressed because of my look and because I knew that it’s gonna be very difficult to fix the damage. After talking with 3 other oculoplastic surgeons I chose Dr. Taban… I had reconstructive lower eyelid retraction surgery with spacer graft and canthoplasty 4 months ago and finally I started to look like my old self again. Thank you Dr. Taban.



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Dr Taban is genius at fixing lower eyelid complications. My lower eyelids were destroyed by a very prominent Great Neck plastic surgeon. I suffered severe lower eyelid retraction and bilateral ectropion … I was forced to tape my lower eyelids up day and night for 2 years while the original surgeon tried various ways to correct his bad work. I finally reached a point where I knew it would take a miracle… After being told by various oculoplastic surgeons that there was nothing that could be done … I flew out to Los Angeles… To make a long story short Dr. Taban performed the impossible. … I have no doubt that Dr. Taban is the #1 oculoplastic surgeon in the world because of the absolutely stunning work he did… I should also point out that Dr. Tabans aesthetic work around the eyes is also second to none. … Quite simply put, he is the best there is!

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If you are searching for an Oculoplastic Surgeon to correct a botched blepharoplasty then look no further than Dr. Ray Taban. My story is long and quite complicated… I had the correctional surgery by Dr Taban and I love it! I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found Dr. Taban. He is an amazing Oculoplastic surgeon who is a true artist and his scalpel is a wand… Dr. Taban is a genius… I am absolutely thrilled with the results and interestingly not only are my eyes repaired, I think they look more attractive than before my first surgery. … Bottom-line- Dr. Taban is nothing less than outstanding! I am so grateful that I found him and now every time I look into the mirror I smile and I guarantee if you elect to have surgery with Dr. Taban you will be smiling as well.



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Dr Taban gave me my life back. He corrected a surgery that I had years ago in the Netherlands and completely devastated me (retraction lower eye lids). It was a long journey, went to so many doctors in Europe and none of them could help me … I had a revision of the lower lids retraction and ptosis correction with orbital decompression by Dr Taban. I still cannot believe it when I look in the mirror… Dr Taban is a wonderful skilled doctor, the best.

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Susan Pedawi

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I want to say a Big Thank to Dr. Taban, he just made a magical performance on my eyes!

My eyes … never were that much beautiful like now!!! I am so happy,!!!I really was so skeptical at the beginning but now I understand that this doctor just deserves more words to say!!! Very professional, magical doctor! Thank you so much!

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Dr Taban literally gave me my life back, today was the first day I’ve left my house without sunglasses and I haven’t felt this normal in a long time. I have been to a handful of surgeons, one in the UK, and two in the USA, they have only made my problem worse. …For anyone who’s going through something similar, I wish for you to never lose hope, and travel to LA if you must, because it’s definitely worth the journey.

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I had eyelid surgery with Dr. Ray Taban …Droopy eyelid surgery (ptosis); Eyelid retraction; Canthoplasty; Revisional eyelid surgery; Fat Injection for sunken hollow eyes. I had previous eyelid surgery that was done incorrectly. Dr. Taban had to work on all four of my eyelids (upper and lower on both eyes) and do something with each in order to bring the eyes back to their original shape. He did an excellent job. They are both almond shaped again, …I am very very happy with the result. Dr. Taban is very kind and is a master at his craft. I highly recommend him to you – if he can do for me what he did in fixing a previously failed surgery that I did with a different surgeon, then he can certainly make your eyes beautiful and youthful. …
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Anita F.

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… repair my lower eyelid that was stretched and damaged from a surgery I had when I was 17. … Dr. Taban, … earned my trust. The results are amazing and trusting Dr. Taban was one of the best decisions I ever made.
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The doctor I went to see for my eyes surgery did a terrible job, he took too much skin on upper and lower eyes lid, … I went to see dr Taban, He was my last chance, looking at my eyes he knew right away what I need it. I had 2 surgeries with him and I am so happy, …
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