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Customized Infraorbital Rim Implant

Patients with relative deficiency of the lower orbital rim bone and cheek bone (“congenital maxillary hypoplasia”) have appearance of sunken under eye area and cheeks with lack of malar projection, often with negative orbital vector anatomy with appearance of bulging eyes and sometimes with negative canthal tilt with sclera show and appearance of sad, tired eyes, which has occurred developmentally. These patients may benefit from customized infraorbital rim implant (extended tear trough implant) or customized infraorbital-malar silicone implant which helps create a more chiseled facial appearance or angular “model” look with high defined cheekbones with minimal under eye hollowness with more neutral or even positive orbital vector. Dr. Taban can also combine this with other procedures (as deemed necessary in one surgery) such as:

If necessary or desired, Dr. Taban can combine your implant with upper eyelid procedures such as upper eyelid ptosis surgery and upper eyelid filler injection (to reduce upper eyelid exposure with more hooded eyes) or perhaps it can be combined with upper blepharoplasty in patients wanting more upper eyelid exposure instead.

With a single, combined surgery, patients enjoy a more convenient and efficient experience. Whenever we can eliminate the need for multiple surgeries, that is a plus.

Each patient’s anatomy and desire are different, which means a custom treatment plan is critical for success. The procedure should fit the patient, not the other way around. Of course, beauty comes in different shapes and forms and the patient has to desire such changes. Every patient should consult with Dr. Taban to discuss their aesthetic goals, risks, and outcomes. You can read more about eye shape by following this link.

This video illustrates the important points regarding infraorbital rim silicone implant.
Animation video showing the placement of infraorbital rim implant and the change it makes. Important to use transconjunctival technique to preserve eyelid function with quicker recovery.

Infraorbital Rim Implant Technique

These are very specialized procedures that require extreme expertise. The eyes are very important and delicate parts of the face. The technique of orbital rim implant placement is critical in achieving safe and effective results.

Dr. Taban uses a scarless transconjunctival approach with the incision INSIDE, not outside, of the lower eyelids. This avoids damage to the eyelid function and eye shape, with much quicker healing.

Dr. Taban often treats complications (from other surgeons) who have performed this procedure with different techniques. These other techniques sometimes result in disastrous results such as lower eyelid retraction and scaring (see testimonial video from young man below).

Another major advantage of transconjunctival technique is that it can be combined with other procedures in one surgery (as deemed necessary) such as customized cosmetic orbital decompression surgery and/or lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty (almond eye surgery) for those wishing to change or enhance their eye shape while also seeking more defined facial/eye features and angularity; therefore it tremendously makes it more convenient and efficient and safer for the patient as it eliminates the need for multiple operations at different times (Buccal at removal can also be done concurrently in those who could benefit from it.).

Implant Type and Fixation

The type of infraorbital-malar implant and method of fixation are also very important. I only use solid silicone implant which is inert or nonreactive and I use fine sutures to fix it (with direct visualization via the eyelid). Solid silicone is permanent as it never has to be changed in the lifetime although it can be removed rather easily if desired as no tissues stick to it. Other implants such as Medpor have much higher risk of eyelid scarring and eyelid malposition; complications are even worsened if using metal screws for the fixation.

Male patient with congenital bulging eyes and lower eyelid retraction and significant under eye bone deficiency underwent cosmetic orbital decompression, lower eyelid retraction surgery, and lower orbital rim tear trough silicone implant (Infraorbital Rim Implant) placement.
Removal of lower orbital rim (tear trough) cheek medpor implant in a woman who was unhappy about its appearance. It was done using scarless inside eyelid approach. It’s removal was very difficult as medpor gets scarred to surrounding tissue. Silicone orbital rim implant would have been much easier to remove.
Video selfie of a happy transgender woman who underwent almond eye surgery with lower eyelid retraction surgery and canthoplasty, customized infraorbital rim silicone implant, customized orbital decompression, and upper eyelid filler.
Young transgender female underwent eye reshaping surgery to have less bulging and more uptured almond eyes. Procedure included scarless orbital decompression, lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty (almond eye surgery), and customized infraorbital rim silicone implant.
Cosmetic orbital decompression for repair bugling eye

Below you will see several examples of patients who underwent customized infraorbital rim silicone implant placement, often combined with other eye plastic procedures.

*See disclaimer below

Transgender female underwent customized infraorbital rim implant surgery (including tear trough area)

27 year old transgender female, underwent eye transformation almond eye surgery including lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty, infraorbital rim silicone implant, orbital decompression bulging eye surgery, and upper eyelid filler injection. Before and 1 month after surgery photos are shown.

Woman who was unhappy about her eye shape and eye asymmetry, underwent eye plastic surgery including cosmetic bulging eye orbital decompression, infraorbital rim silicone implant, lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty, right upper blepharoplasty and left upper eyelid filler injection. Note more almond shaped and symmetric eye appearance in the after photo taken 1 month after almond eye surgery.

Young man, complained of inherited lower eyelid retraction with sclera show and promiment eyes or negative orbital vector, underwent cosmetic orbital decompression plus lower eyelid retraction surgery plus orbital rim silicone implant. Before and 3 months after eye plastic surgery photos are shown. Note improved eye appearance in both front and profile views
Young Middle Eastern man, with congenital lower eyelid retraction and midface bony deficiency, underwent lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty and infraorbital silicone implant to create more almond shaped eyes.
Young man, with sad tired eye appearance, underwent lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty (almond eye surgery) plus infraorbital rim silicone implant. Note improved eye shape with more almond eyes.
Young Asian woman underwent cosmetic orbital decompression, infraorbital rim silicone implant, lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty and droopy upper eyelid ptosis surgery. Note more almond shaped eyes in after photos.
Young Caucasian man underwent infraorbital silicone implant plus lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty (“almond eye surgery”).
Before (left) young Middle-Eastern male with bulging eyes, lower eyelid retraction with sclera show, and sad eyes. 3 months after (right) he underwent cosmetic orbital decompression, lower eyelid retraction surgery, and canthoplasty to give more almond-shaped eyes.
Young transgender female underwent eye reshaping surgery to have less bulging and more uptured almond eyes. Procedure included scarless orbital decompression, lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty (almond eye surgery), and customized infraorbital rim silicone implant.
Young man, with genetic protruding eyes and sad tired eye appearance underwent cosmetic orbital decompression (bulging eye surgery), lower eyelid retraction surgery with canthoplasty (almond eye surgery) and infraorbital rim silicone implant. Note improved eye appearance.
Young man, suffering from severe lower eyelid retraction after botched infraorbital rim implant placement (by another surgeon using external eyelid incision) underwent complex lower eyelid retraction repair which included both internal alloderm spacer graft and external skin graft.


Dr. Taban is one of the leading oculoplastic eye surgery doctors in the LA region. Contact us via online support form, or via telephone at: (310) 278-1836

Next, read about the lower blepharoplasty surgery.

*Disclaimer: Results vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.
Dr Taban and his staff are wonderful. I had my upper and lower eyes done, June 2017. I was under local anesthesia. I was awake during surgery but didn’t feel any pain. The recovery was great. I had bruising and swelling for a few weeks but no pain. I was back to work in two weeks. I look refreshed and younger. I’m very glad I did the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Taban to my friends and family.
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Anna Gerardo

January 2018 Read More Reviews
I am so grateful and excided Dr. Taban has given me the advise and confidence for the upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure. The outcome is so remarkable my eyes look more refresh. Now I can continue on my retirement and not look tired. lol I can’t thank you enough Dr. Taban …

Marnie S.

December 2017 Read More Reviews

I saw Dr. Taban at his Beverly Hills office about six weeks ago to get a blepharoplasty because my eyelids have always been very droopy to the point where when I am tired it affects my vision. My cousin had been having a problem with bleph spasm a while back, and after he got his corrective surgery, he told me that it’s really important to see an oculoplastic surgeon because they have the best training to fix whatever issue you’re having with your eyes.”

“After doing some internet research and googling different oculoplastic surgeons in the area, I found Dr. Taban. I checked out his website to make sure he was a board certified oculoplastic surgeon and his patient testimonials to make sure they were ok –they were more than good, they were great! I decided to schedule my initial consultation for eyelid surgery to learn more about the procedure and the best chances of fixing my issue. I actually scheduled several consults with a few oculoplastic surgeons in the area to see who I felt the most comfortable with.”

“I was really impressed by Dr. Taban’s before and after pictures as well as the fact that he educates other surgeons. When I met Dr. Taban, he was completely open about the surgery and answered any questions that I had. He could tell I was nervous, but he assured me that it was an easy procedure with very little down time. He explained that a bleph can be done in-office it doesn’t require an operating room and surgery center! I was pretty surprised but that made me feel even more comfortable because its not as big of a procedure. He said I’d be feeling fine in just a few days and that healing should be completed in 1-2 months. He was very candid and I felt more comfortable with him because he addressed my concerns rather than dodge them. After speaking with him about eyelid surgery further, I decided that he was the best eyelid surgeon for the job and scheduled my appointment for my bleph.”

“When I arrived for surgery, I had gotten a little nervous again, but Dr. Taban assured me everything would go smoothly. In just over an hour, I was heading back home to recover, curl up on the couch, and watch a good movie! Dr. Taban was right, my eyelid surgery went great and I didn’t have any issues! I’m so happy that I choose Dr. Taban, because he’s great!”
“He even called me later that day to see how I was feeling and make sure everything was ok. I was really impressed by this. He did all of the post op care himself, no assistant or anything and so that made me very comfortable as well. He is so thorough and I have been taken care of very well before and after surgery. The results have been phenomenal and no one can tell I had a bleph! They just comment that I look well rested and fresh! I’m so glad I took the plunge!”

“If you’re looking for the best eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills, I suggest Dr. Taban. He’ll help ease your mind about surgery and any questions that you might have. He’s dedicated and professional and actually cares about his patients. He’s definitely the best eyelid surgeon in my book!


By Markie L.

September 13, 2012 Read More Reviews
Dr Taban did my surgery 2/4/13 in his office using local anesthesia. He did a ptosis and blepharoplasty on my left upper eyelid, a blepharoplasty on my right upper eyelid, and vein stripping around both eyes. He also tightened a muscle that he noticed was lax during the surgery at no extra charge. The blepharoplasty on my right upper eyelid was done in a way that made a browlift unnecessary. Other surgeons had proposed doing a browlift to remedy my droopy right upper eyelid. They also said they could not strip the unsightly veins. The ptosis was done primarily to cause my left eyebrow to drop. Doctor T did innovative and remarkable work.”

By Katie S.

Read More Reviews
Dr. Taban is an excellent Oculoplastic surgeon. He did a super job on my eyelids uppers and lowers. …
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Violet Torossian

6/6/2015 Read More Reviews
Dr. Taban and his team are very professional in the service they provide … I am very satisfied with my eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty procedure, … I highly recommend Dr. Taban to all my friends and family.
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Aliz Rez

1/2016 Read More Reviews
Dr. Taban came highly recommended by a client of mine. … In the first a few minutes of the consultation I was convinced that Dr. Taban is the real deal. …. I never felt a thing. Dr. Taban is genius, he’s also an artist which he has to, to do this amazing job. He doesn’t do the ‘surprise look’, his work is very natural, …
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Sara W.

2/4/2015 Read More Reviews
I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty done by Dr Taban a week ago and I’m compelled to share my experience (this is my first ever review on Yelp). Of course, the final result cannot be appreciated yet, it’s only been a week, but it looks VERY promising and I am confident I’ve chosen the best Dr possible for this cosmetic surgery (I’m 48 and the bags under my eyes always bothered me). I just love the approach of Dr Taban which is conservative wanting you to preserve a natural look. He is extraordinary in terms of Dr-patient relationship calling personally from his cell phone the evening of the surgery to check everything was fine and answering the various questions I had for him via e-mail or text within hours if not minutes the following day. His staff is great, his prices more than fair. I am thrilled to recommend him to anyone. Being an eye specialist is a big + in terms of trust I placed in his judgement and operating skills. He also does face treatments including chemical peels which proved to work great on me. I think you can trust his judgement “blindly”, pun intended!!!

By Phillip

July 02, 2013 Read More Reviews
He is so thorough and I have been taken care of very well before and after surgery. The results have been phenomenal and no one can tell I had a bleph! They just comment that I look well rested and fresh! I’m so glad I took the plunge! If you’re looking for the best eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills, I suggest Dr. Taban.
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by Markie L.

Read More Reviews
I went to see Dr. Taban in April 2012 for a consultation regarding upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery. Dr. Taban was very punctual, which was a pleasant surprise in itself. Dr. Taban patiently addressed every question that I had, and his professionalism made me feel very comfortable and confident. I had the procedures done in late April. Dr. Taban called me that evening to make sure that everything was going well. He was very thorough and caring at every post-op appointment that I had with him. When I went back for my 6-month post-op appointment, I mentioned to Dr. Taban that I was not 100% happy with the results of my upper blepharoplasty, which was not due to any fault of Dr. Taban but was more a difference in opinion as far as aesthetics. He then offered to redo the procedure free of charge. I was very impressed with his generosity. Now, 4 months after my surgery, I can say that I am very happy with the results of my procedures. I feel very fortunate to have had a positive experience. His office staff is also very nice and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Taban!
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February 22,2013 Read More Reviews
I explained to Dr. Taban that I did not want to drastically change my appearance, but rather, I wanted to look refreshed … I’m so glad I did this because the procedure (upper and lower blepharoplasty) was pretty much painless… So far, I love the fact that I don’t see anymore bags and my upper lids are exactly how I wanted them to look! … …THANK YOU ….
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5/20/2015 Read More Reviews
… I not only needed upper and lower eyelifts but also surgery to repair ptosis or droopy upper eyelids… During my initial consultation Dr. Taban fully explained the surgery to me and answered all my questions. … It is more than one month after my surgery now and the results are amazing… Dr. Taban is truly a miracle worker… THANK YOU Dr. Taban for the incredible job you did on my eye surgery!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!


9/13/2013 Read More Reviews
Very natural look after quad blepharoplasty. Approaching my 50s I have decided to finally take care of my eye bags that have been bothering me for years. I have naturally heavy eyelids but with age the issue has become more and more visible. I live in Toronto and I have been scouting local plastic surgeons but I was not convinced by any of them and I was surprised by the high quotes I have received for a quad blepharoplasty. One of my goals was obviously to find a surgeon with lot of expertise in eyes surgery. So I have expanded my search to include the US and I finally picked Dr Taban. I had a first consultation by Skype and I was confident that he would be the right choice for me. … his approach seemed conservative enough and was meeting my expectations in term of keeping a natural look, without going too extreme to avoid hollow eyes or feminine look. I booked my surgery and flew to LA. The surgery was done with local anesthesia. … Surgery went well. The usual swelling and bruises but I was able to attend an important meeting exactly 9 days after the surgery without anyone noticing and with the help of a good concealer. Result is completely meeting my expectation. Natural, no visible scar, the shape of my eyes is intact, just a refreshed , bagless look. … I would definitely recommend Dr Taban to my friends and in fact I did. One of my close friend will get a quad done in a couple of months. Dr Taban is not extrovert but responded to all my questions and has very good bedside manners. He is also following up very quickly to questions by email. If you are looking for an eye specialist, Dr Taban is the right surgeon.
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