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What Treatments Are Available for Eye Asymmetry?

concept for what treatments are available for eye asymmetry

Eye asymmetry can be very aesthetically unpleasing, which can cause an individual to become self-conscious about the appearance of their eyes. This in turn can start to impact the overall emotional well-being of someone in their day-to-day life. Below we cover what treatments are available for eye asymmetry. Fortunately, there are many treatments available for … Read more

What Does Recovery Look Like After Ptosis Surgery?

The image is a close-up of a woman's eyes before and after blepharoplasty. It represents what recovery would look like after ptosis surgery.

Ptosis is a condition in which the skin and muscles above the eyes begin to sag and droop. In severe cases, the skin droops over the eyes and obstructs vision, which can lead to significant problems later on. Fortunately, this issue can be easily rectified through surgery. A blepharoplasty for this condition, sometimes called droopy … Read more

Where Does Facial Fat Transfer Fat Come From?

concept of where does facial fat transfer fat come from

Facial fat transfer is a highly effective type of procedure that can restore volume and voluptuousness to a patient’s face. Its versatility has lent it a reputation that can make it a synergistic quality in conjunction with other procedures, or as an effective procedure all on its own. But where does facial fat transfer fat … Read more

Best Age for a Midface Lift

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What is the best age for a midface lift? A facelift is one of plastic surgery’s most reliable and popular procedures, and for good reason. This operation has the potential to seriously improve one’s appearance, taking years off of the patient’s appearance. The procedure can oftentimes resolve longstanding complaints of the patient in one convenient … Read more

Reasons for Pursuing Revision Eyelid Surgery

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There are many reasons that patients come looking for eyelid surgery. Either aesthetically or medically, these procedures can give patients the modifications they either want or need to look and feel their best. Below, we cover our reasons for pursuing revision eyelid surgery. However, sometimes, the original eyelid surgery doesn’t go as well as a … Read more

Is Almond Eye Surgery Painful?

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Almond eye surgery has the potential to give patients a comelier appearance to their eyes that fits in more closely with many beauty ideals that society holds about one’s eyes. This is why it’s quickly becoming one of the most commonly requested surgeries for people’s eyes. Is almond eye surgery painful? However, some patients may have … Read more

Complete Guide to Facial Fat Grafting

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Facial fat grafting is a type of plastic surgery technique where a physician performs liposuction on a section of the body using excess and available fatty tissue. The fat that is harvested from one area of the body is processed, placed into syringes, and injected into areas of the face that patients feel need rounding … Read more

What Procedures Are Best Combined With a Brow Lift?

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A brow lift, or forehead lift, can utterly transform the upper part of one’s facial features, adding vivacity and lift in places where those elements may have been lacking in recent years. Below, we cover what procedures are best combined with a brow lift. However, many patients don’t know that this procedure can effectively be combined with … Read more

Does Double Eyelid Surgery Make You Look Younger?

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Double eyelid surgery is consistently becoming more popular, and for good reason. This procedure can offer patients big boosts to their appearance and self-esteem. Below, we look at a key question. Does double eyelid surgery make you look younger? The impact that this procedure can have on one’s appearance can be subtle, or it can … Read more

Why Does Ptosis Look Worse in Photos?

featured image why does ptosis look worse in photos

Ptosis is an unfortunate condition where the skin of the upper eyelid begins to droop and sag. Although it rarely becomes a medically concerning issue, it is quite aesthetically unpleasant and can become a medical issue at higher levels of severity. So why does ptosis look worse in photos? Ptosis never looks really so great aesthetically. … Read more