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Orbital Fracture And Eyelid Laceration Surgery (Enophthalmos, Sunken Eye)

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Extremely knowledgeable and incredibly skilled! Dr. Taban quickly diagnosed me with a sunken eye (enophthalmos) from Silent Sinus Syndrome and worked closely with me throughout my surgery and aftercare. I would not trust my eyes with anyone else! He conducted an orbital reconstruction with orbital implant, and this was combined with sinus surgery. … so thankful for the amazing results!
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I had sunken right eye (called enophthalmos) from right orbital fracture resultant from sinus surgery. My eye was sunken and fallen below the other eye into the maxillary sinus. I was referred to Dr. Taban by another physician as he is known for complex orbital surgery … The surgery was performed successfully using hidden inside … healed very quickly. Immediately I noticed improvement of eyeball position back to normal. It has been over 2 years from the surgery and my surgery result has lasted. I truly thank Dr. Taban for his amazing work as he has changed my life…
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Niaz N.

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After researching oculoplastic surgeons to repair a sunken eye following a orbital floor fracture I decided on Dr. Taban. I came from Canada … He rebuilt the orbit with an orbital implant …The results are outstanding. …Thank you so much Dr. Taban!!!
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I don’t know where to begin, but I want to get straight to the point. Dr. Taban is a phenomenal surgeon and I couldn’t be more happy I chose him to repair my orbital fractures. …
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Kevin E.

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