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Revisional Eyelid Ptosis (Droopy Eyelid) Surgery

Learn about Revisional Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

Unfortunately, on rare occasion, patients who have had previous eyelid procedures are unhappy with their results, either due to an irregular recovery. Revisional ptosis surgery, performed by expert ocular plastic surgeon Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban, addresses the concerns of patients who have had unsatisfactory or problematic results from previous eyelid and facial surgery.

What Is Revisional Eyelid Ptosis Surgery?

Revisional eyelid ptosis surgery is an eyelid procedure performed to correct problems with droopy eyelids that still occur, or occur due to, a previous procedure. Upper eyelid ptosis (droopy eyelid) surgery is one of the most common operations performed by oculoplastic surgeons. The upper eyelid is lifted by tightening or advancing the muscle (levator muscle) responsible for lifting the upper eyelid. There are various techniques available that are used, depending on the severity of the ptosis, among other factors. Repeat or revisional ptosis surgery, however, is much more difficult to address due to the presence of extensive scar tissue, which can make the operation less predictable. It’s always important to have a board certified oculoplastic surgeon perform your revisional droopy eyelid surgery to ensure that they have the proper training and background necessary.

Ptosis surgery is performed following a patient’s initial surgery for a variety of reasons. During your initial consult with Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban, he will discuss the best courses of action for your unique situation that will allow you to achieve the eyelid appearance that you’ve been longing for.

Testimonial for Revision Droopy Eyelid (Ptosis) Surgery
5 years ago, Yvette was involved in a work related accident, and she had to undergo multiple surgeries. Dr. Taban performed a revision for droopy upper eyelid surgery.

Who is a Good Candidate for Revisional Ptosis Surgery?

Most patients choose to undergo revisional droopy eyelid operation in Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara after they’ve undergone an initial surgery in which the results were not to their liking. This could be for a number of reasons, which your oculoplastic surgeon will discuss with you in greater detail during your initial consultation. Dr. Taban has performed hundreds of revisional eyelid surgeries, addressing problems resulting from a variety of procedures including:

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Canthoplasty
  • Browlift
  • Ptosis surgery

If you’ve undergone initial droopy eyelid surgery and are unhappy with your results, Dr. Taban is eager to speak with you today about the various treatment options that may benefit you and leave you with the results you’ve been seeking.

What Happens During the Revisional Ptosis Procedure?

Dr. Taban, who specializes in eyelid surgeries, uses a surgical technique specifically for revision eyelid surgery to provide superior results. During a revision eyelid operation, Dr. Taban corrects the patient’s droopy eyelids, allowing them to appear youthful, healthy, and symmetrical. Revision eyelid surgery is an in-office procedure that only requires the use of local anesthesia.

How Long Will it Take to Recover After Revisional Surgery?

Following surgery, the patient often feels mild discomfort and experiences swelling and some bruising. During this time, it’s important to take care of the area where the incision was made through proper hygiene and postoperative care, which Dr. Taban will outline for you. Over the course of the following weeks, the healing process will continue, leaving patients to feel completely recovered in as little as a couple of months.

Revision Eyelid Ptosis Surgery Video

Can I Have a Second Droopy Eyelid Operation?

Yes, revisional ptosis surgery is often performed to correct or improve upon a previous eyelid surgery that did not provide satisfactory results. However, revision surgery is not just another surgery. Due to scar tissue and other factors present from the old surgery, revisional surgery is often more complex and can be more difficult to perform. For this reason, you should consult an oculoplastic surgeon who has expertise in revision eyelid surgery, and carefully consider your options. Dr. Taban has performed hundreds of revision surgeries and has experience dealing with the more complex issues presented by previous eyelid surgeries.

How Long After My First Ptosis Surgery Can I Have Revisional Surgery?

If you are disappointed in your results, you should always see a surgeon to discuss the problem. While many flaws may resolve themselves as the healing process continues, you may find that revision surgery is your best option.

Because eyelid surgeries can take months to fully heal, you should allow 3-6 months to see your final results before deciding in a revision surgery. However, Dr. Taban encourages patients to see him early so that he can track your previous surgery’s results and healing progress in order to best advise you on your options. If you are unhappy with your eyelid surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Taban to discuss how he can provide more satisfactory results.

Do I Need a Specialist to Perform Revisional Droopy Eyelid Surgery?

It is crucial for any cosmetic eyelid surgery to be natural and not result in an “operated” appearance. It is also equally important for any cosmetic eyelid surgery to not damage the function of the eyelids. Too many times, cosmetic eyelid surgery performed by non-expert surgeons results in unnatural appearance of the eyelids and/or damage to the eyelids with significant visual problems, such as being unable to close the eyes, dry eyes, and blurry vision.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS is a board certified ocular plastic surgeon and has extensive knowledge in the field of ophthalmology, revision eyelid surgery, and reconstructive facial plastic surgery. A major component of Dr, Taban’s practice is performing revision eyelid surgery. He has had extensive training (three years of fellowship) in the field of oculofacial surgery, which deals structures around the eyes and face.

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Before & After Photos

*See disclaimer below
Before (left) and 3 months after (right photo) of revisional left upper eyelid ptosis surgery (after two previous failed operations).
Before and after persistent right upper eyelid ptosis after previous ptosis operation.
Before (left) Middle age woman with multiple prior eyelid surgeries and blepharoplasty, resulting in right lateral canthal angle distortion and lowering, unnatural right lower eyelid contour, and droopy upper eyelid. After (right) 2 months after revisional eyelid surgery, right canthoplasty, right lower eyelid retraction surgery (internal, with midface lift, without graft) and lower eyelid contour surgery. Fat injection in upper eyelids.
Before (left) 87 year old female, with persistent left upper eyelid ptosis after previous droopy eyelid surgery. After (right) 3 months after revision left upper eyelid ptosis surgery.
Before (left) 21 year old female, with history of 2 previous failed right upper eyelid ptosis operations. After (right) 3 months after revisional right upper eyelid ptosis surgery (using full-thickness method).
76 year old female, with history of failed left upper blepharoplasty with droopy upper eyelid (ptosis), underwent revision left upper eyelid ptosis repair. Before and 2 months after eyelid surgery photos are shown. She is very happy with the improved vision and eye symmetry.
*Disclaimer: Results vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.
I recently had a procedure done on my left eye with Dr Taban. I cannot express how amazing he and his staff are. I had a tumor under my left eyelid … Thanks for everything Dr Taban!
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