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Benefits of Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

People experiencing upper eyelid ptosis means that they have upper eyelids that are ‘droopy’. It’s a common problem that ranges from mild to more severe cases. It can be a troublesome issue to have as it affects your vision as well as self-esteem, however, there are treatments to correct eyelid ptosis. Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban, is an expert Oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, and he effectively treats patients with eyelid ptosis giving them long-term positive results.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Eyelid Ptosis Surgery?

Generally, the best candidates for eyelid ptosis surgery are those who experience problems with heavy skin, fat, or muscle from their upper eyelids. Eyelid ptosis surgery treats people who have drooping upper eyelids from poor muscle tone or nerve damage. This can result in the eyelids to hang very low thus blocking vision. Some people are born with this condition while others develop eyelid ptosis due to aging, trauma, neurological issues, or a prior surgery. Common symptoms of upper eyelid ptosis include poor vision as a result of the droopiness. This has the ability to affect one’s driving, reading, and normal daily activities.

There are various techniques that can tighten the muscles in the eyelid, which depend on the type and severity of the ptosis. Eyelid ptosis surgery can be performed through a posterior eyelid approach which results in scar-less surgery. It could also be performed from the front skin approach where the incision is hidden in the eyelid crease line. In congenital ptosis, the upper eyelid is linked to the forehead muscle which is used to lift the droopy upper eyelids. During an evaluation, Dr. Taban can examine the upper eyelids as well as the eyebrows to thoroughly pinpoint the problem. He will then assess which surgical methods are best for eyelid correction.

What to Expect After Ptosis Surgery

In general, patients are able to go home on the same day of their surgery. Cold compresses can help with swelling and any discomfort. Pain is usually minimal and most patients can resume normal activities within a couple of days. Bruising can last for about one week and swelling can last up to two weeks or more. Vision may be blurry for the first initial days due to medications placed on the eyes. Overall, recovery is a smooth process controlled well with pain medications and cold compresses.

Benefits of Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

After eyelid ptosis surgery, patients can look forward to the many benefits it can offer. Dr. Taban regularly performs eyelid ptosis surgery and all of his patients enjoy the major improvements the surgery brings. Whether you have a mild, moderate, or more severe case of eyelid ptosis, after surgery you will experience significant improvements in your vision (both peripheral and above) where part of your eye was previously covered by upper eyelid drooping. In addition, you will see an improvement of symmetry of your eyelid height and contour, restoring a normal anatomical appearance of your eyelids. Lastly, you will look much more awake, refreshed, and younger which can increasingly have positive impacts on your self-esteem.

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Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban in an expert Oculoplastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, and performs procedures like eyelid ptosis surgery consistently giving his patients life-long positive results. He utilizes the latest technology in surgery, including minimal incision techniques, for shorter recovery times and the best natural outcomes.

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