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Concierge Medicine

Dr. Taban’s expert knowledge in eyelid and facial plastic reconstructive surgery makes him one of the most highly sought after surgeons in Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, and the United States. Through concierge medicine, Dr. Taban is able to assist those in need of receiving the best care possible and will travel to patients to better assist their surgical needs.

How Can Dr. Taban Help?

When a patient is travelling to meet with Dr. Taban, we want your experience to be flawless. Both of Dr. Taban’s offices are located in the heart of exciting cities with restaurants, shopping, and hotels just minutes away. If you’re considering surgery but aren’t located in the area, Dr. Taban makes it possible to provide you with the extensive care that you deserve with Concierge Medicine. For our out of town patients, Dr. Taban can provide all of the following, including but not limited to:

  • Travel assistance
  • Initial online consultations (via Skype)
  • Hotel accommodations & visits
  • Private transportation
  • Insurance support
  • Dr. Taban can travel to patients

Additionally, in order to better assist his concierge patients, Dr. Taban can be reached by mobile phone at anytime.

Contact Dr. Taban Today

To learn more about the various services that Dr. Taban offers through concierge medicine in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, please contact his office today by calling 310-278-1836. You may also email Dr Taban directly
 to gain a better understanding of what your consultation and potential surgery will entail.
Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is an extremely skilled board certified oculoplastic surgeon who helps patients achieve their personal and cosmetic goals through eyelid and facial plastic reconstructive surgery in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara.

For out of town patients who are interested in Dr. Taban’s concierge services, here is more information about hotels: