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Ectropion Repair

If you have noticed that one or both of your eyelids has started to turn outward, you may be suffering from an eyelid malposition condition called ectropion. This condition typically affects the lower eyelids, but the upper eyelids can suffer from turning out as well, especially as a result of age, scarring, surgery, trauma, facial palsy, or even sun damage.

Fortunately, this uncomfortable and irritating condition can be treated with the expert care of Los Angeles oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Taban. To schedule an appointment today and get corrective care to prevent further damage to your eyes, please do not wait to contact Taban MD by calling 310-499-2565.

Outward Eyelid Treatment in Los Angeles

What are the Symptoms and Dangers of Ectropion?

The most common symptoms of ectropion, in addition to the eyelid turning outward are dryness, irritation, redness, and tearing as the eye is more exposed to air and debris without the protective covering of the lid. If left untreated, the irritation can begin to damage eye function and tear drainage, potentially harming the cornea and causing vision loss.

Treating Ectropion

Eyelid ectropion surgery can typically provide a permanent solution to unnatural turnout of the lid. The type of procedure will depend largely on the cause of the condition, as well as the patient’s unique health and circumstances. The most common treatment is called the tarsal strip method, or canthoplasty. However, Dr. Taban specializes in a minimally-invasive technique called aesthetic lateral canthoplasty, which provides better results with little to no scarring because the scars are hidden.

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Another surgical option is known as cicatricial ectropion which involves using a skin graft or skin flap from the upper lid to correct the turnout of the affected lid.

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