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Five Procedures to Improve the Look of Your Eyes

Cosmetic eyelid surgeries are performed to improve the look and appearance of the eyes. Though these surgeries won’t improve the actual function of the eye, they provide patients with a sense of confidence and pride. Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD is an expert in performing a variety of cosmetic eyelid surgeries designed to improve the look of the eyes, giving patients a new and beautiful appearance.

To schedule a Los Angeles eyelid plastic surgeon, please contact Dr. Taban today at (855) 822-2663. With years of experience and hundreds of happy patients, Dr. Taban is the perfect choice for any eyelid-related surgery. If you’re curious about cosmetic eyelid surgery, here are five procedures that can give you a youthful experience and unimpede your vision at the same time!

1. Upper blepharoplasty

Over the course of one’s life, the skin above the eyes may lose elasticity, causing the eyelids to droop and giving patients a tired, bored look. Sometimes, the drooping can be so severe that it even impedes your vision! Upper blepharoplasty is a procedure which raises the skin to its normal level, providing patients with unimpeded eyesight and giving them a rejuvenated appearance once more.

2. Lower Blepharoplasty

Bags under the eyes can make patients appear older and tired. During a lower blepharoplasty procedure, Dr. Taban will remove the excess fat (or reposition the fat) from the lower eyelid, restoring the eyes to their natural look. The procedure is done through the inside of the eyelid (transconjunctival blepharoplasty), without stitches! Lower blepharoplasty can be performed in combination with many other procedures to create the ideal look for your eyes!

3. Canthoplasty

Canthoplasty tightens loose and saggy lower eyelids, reshaping the repositioning the lateral canthus (otherwise known as the outer corner of the eye). In some patients, their eyelid sags so much that it negatively affects their vision. Canthoplasty fixes the sagging eyelid while hiding the surgical scars within the eyelid creases.

4. Cosmetic Ptosis Surgery

Patients who suffer from ptosis often experience an upper eyelid that impedes their vision. Cosmetic ptosis surgery is a procedure that tighten the levator muscle in the eyelid. This muscle is responsible for raising and lowering your eyelids. Due to injury, neurological disorders, or even old age, the levator muscle can stop functioning correctly, requiring an expert plastic surgeon such as Dr. Taban to fix the problem.

5. Asian blepharoplasty

Typically, many people of Asian descent are born with eyelids lacking an upper eyelid crease. Asian blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to provide patients with a prominent upper eyelid crease while simultaneously retaining the Asian features of the eyelid. Making an eye look “Westernized” is not the goal of this procedure. Rather, Asian blepharoplasty is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that gives patients a natural, symmetric look to the eyes.

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