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Eye Injuries from Sports

Thousands of people suffer from eye injuries from sports every year. You can prevent most of these could by wearing proper safety gear. While children are often the most vulnerable to injury, sports-related eye injures can severely impact people of all ages. Various types of eye injuries can determine the type of treatment needed and the prognosis of your injury. 

Eye Injuries from Sports

No matter the level of intensity, sports can cause eye injury if you do not take proper caution and safety measures. Below you will find the most common eye injuries from sports. 

Perforating Trauma: 

This refers to an injury in which an object enters the eyelid and passes through. For an injury like this, medical attention is necessary immediately and will likely warrant surgery. 

Non-Perforating Trauma: 

This refers to an injury where the eyeball is still intact. There may still be an injury to the eye even though it remains in the actual eye socket. For injuries such as this, you should still seek medical attention to ensure that there will be no long-term damage to your eye and the surrounding area.

Penetrating Trauma: 

This refers to eye injures from sports where an entry wound into the eye disrupts the eyeball’s integrity. If the eyelid and eyeball are injured, the eyeball injury must be repaired as soon as possible to address possible long-term vision loss.

Blowout Fracture of the Orbit: 

This refers to an injury of the bones around the eye. This is due to increased pressure on the bones or blunt trauma. Depending on the severity of the fracture, it may be necessary to repair the fracture through surgery.

Radiation Eye Injury:

Excess exposure to the sun’s UV rays can be harmful to one’s vision. Athletes who play in water or snow sports are exposed to bright sunlight, reflecting off the water or snow. This results in an increased risk of vision loss or damage. Protective eyewear is necessary and should likely be prescribed by a medical professional. 

Chemical Burn:

Chemical powders and spray paint used to mark lines on fields can impact athletes’ vision. Acids or alkali may cause permanent blindness, while milder chemicals may cause only irritation, burning, and excessive tearing. If this occurs, it’s important to wash your eyes with cool water or a sterile saline solution until the symptoms have subsided.

Eye injuries from sports warrant medical attention due to the risk of vision loss. Contact a medical professional immediately if you suffer an eye injury. As noted before, you can prevent most eye injuries from sports by wearing protective eyewear or safety equipment. Whether it’s goggles, a face mask, or even a full helmet, be sure and follow proper protocol. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure and keep your eyes protected no matter what. 

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