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Are Experiencing Eyelid Vein Pain?

Pain in any part of the body should be reason enough for a doctor’s visit. Pain in the eye is not only annoying but could be the sign of a larger problem. Surprisingly, we think of the eyes as completely separate from the rest of the body. As an exclusive place that pain is only linked to eye conditions. Although this is true a lot of the time, the eyes are more than just the window to your soul. Eyelid vein pain can be an indicator of other conditions that should not be ignored. If you are experiencing eyelid vein pain, get it checked out today by Taban MD. There’s no reason you should be living any longer with annoying pain in your eyelid.

Why Does my Eyelid Hurt?

Eyelids are not impervious to infection. One of the most common and straightforward reasons for eyelid pain is a bacterial infection. This pain will typically be accompanied by swelling and reduction in vision. Like any infection, it should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If the pain escalates quickly, contact a doctor immediately to set a proper treatment plan before it gets worse. Conjunctivitis and other inflammatory conditions are commonplace reasons for eyelid pain. The symptoms and treatments are similar to an infection.

Allergies are another major cause of eyelid irritation. In this case, locating the exact cause of the allergy and avoiding it will remedy the symptoms. Although dry eyes do not automatically evoke the thought of eyelid pain, it can be a secondary symptom. The dryness of the eyes makes it hard for the eyelid to be properly lubricated.

Finally, a sty could form on the outside of your eyelid. A sty is a lump that looks similar to a pimple or zit. It is typically filled with pus and will go away on its own. Depending on the placement, this could potentially be a very painful condition. Using a warm washcloth can help relieve the pain, but keeping your eye clear of oils is a good way to prevent it from happening.

Early Warning Signs from Eye Pain

We’ve looked at some reasons why your eyelid may hurt that relate to the eye itself. However, the eye is a gateway to your whole body. Using the eyes to spot other ailments in the body is quite possible. Discolored arteries can mean that you have high blood pressure. A mole on the inner eyeball can predict cancer. The earlier it is found, the better chance of success you will have to fight it. Inflammation can be an early warning sign of an autoimmune condition. High blood pressure can be the cause of blocked vessels in the eye.

Even stress can create a visceral reaction with the eyes. Most of us think we don’t need to see an eye doctor unless our vision is bad, or there is pain. According to a report by ABC News, sixty-five percent of the time, eye doctors can spot signs of high cholesterol before other health-care providers. Scheduling routine eye checkups could benefit your overall health greatly.

What Should I do to fix it?

As outlined above, eyelid vein pain associated with bacterial and inflammatory conditions will need to be treated accordingly. Other problems, such as a sty, will go away on its own. Pain is a good reason to have an eye doctor take a look to make sure everything is all right. If you are hoping to rid your face of unsightly eyelid veins that become more prominent as you get older, there is a solution for that too. Taban MD offers surgery and sclerotherapy to rid the face of those unsightly veins. Sclerotherapy is beneficial because it can be done as an outpatient procedure and requires no downtime. Whether you have a question about eyelid vein pain or eyelid vein aesthetics, be sure to contact a professional oculoplastic surgeon you can trust.