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(Eyelid And Facial) Fat Transfer Before and After Gallery

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I had eyelid surgery with Dr. Ray Taban ...Droopy eyelid surgery (ptosis); Eyelid retraction; Canthoplasty; Revisional eyelid surgery; Fat Injection for sunken hollow eyes. I had previous eyelid surgery that was done incorrectly. Dr. Taban had to work on all four of my eyelids to bring the eyes back to their original shape. He did an excellent job. He suggested the fat grafting under the eyebrow and around the outer part of the eyes where there was a hollow. This has made my eyes look very youthful, and I am very very happy with the result. ...Dr Taban is very kind and is a master at his craft. ...

Anita F.

Anita F. Location Reviewed November 2, 2016

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