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How Can an Oculoplastic Surgeon Help Treat Bell’s Palsy?

LA Bell's Palsy TreatmentBell’s palsy, which is a common cause of facial paralysis, is a condition in which damage to the facial nerve causes the muscles along one side of the face to become weak or paralyzed. There is currently no known cause for this condition that can suddenly occur overnight without any warning and may disappear in a matter of days.

Bell’s palsy is a distressing condition that causes not only social consequences, such as embarrassment or discomfort in social settings, but also medical issues. When one side of the face is affected by Bell’s palsy, the muscles droop, which makes it difficult to close one eye (lagophthalmos) and results in dryness, decreased tear production, and depression of the eyebrow.

If you or someone you love is suffering from the complications of Bell’s palsy, there are treatments available to alleviate the symptoms. Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban has extensive experience diagnosing and treating the ocular effects of Bell’s palsy and can provide the customized treatment necessary to regain some control. To learn more about potential treatment options, please schedule a consultation today by calling 877-697-4586.

Treatments for Bell’s Palsy

First and foremost, if facial paralysis is making it difficult to blink or close your eyes (called lagophthalmos), ocular lubrication must be applied frequently every day to protect the eye. Without proper hydration, the eye can become irritated and potentially lead to infection or an ulcer. When sleeping, it may be necessary to tape the eyelid down so the eye stays closed.

Depending on the severity of the facial paralysis and the prognosis, there are surgical options for correcting medical and cosmetic issues created by Bell’s palsy, which include:

Upper Eyelid Weight – A small gold plate may be inserted in the upper eyelid to add enough weight to help the patient effectively close his or her eyes.

Hyaluronic Gel Injections – Temporary dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, can be injected into the upper eyelid to add weight to the lid that assists in closing and blinking.

Eyebrow Lift  – If the brow has drooped down enough to make it difficult to lift the eyelid and see correctly, a surgical eyebrow lift can help relieve the weight on the eye.

Tarsorrhaphy – A procedure that can provide either permanent or temporary relief by “pinching” the lateral corner of the eyelid to make the eye smaller, making it easier to close the eye.

Get Professional Bell’s Palsy Eye Treatment

To learn more about Bell’s palsy and which treatment options are ideal for you, contact oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Mehryar Ray Taban and schedule an initial consultation at our Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara offices in the greater Los Angeles area. We can discuss potential treatment options. Call now!

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