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How to Correct a Lazy Eyelid


Have you noticed the lowering of your eyelids and drooping in your skin near your eyes? When we start to lose the elasticity in the cells of our skin, and areas of our skin can begin to droop as a result. Fix any symptoms of a lazy eyelid that you may be experiencing when you follow instructive methods to correct lazy eye symptoms and start enjoying the way you look again! For more information on correcting a lazy eye and all your treatment options, contact the Taban MD office to schedule your first appointment today!

Natural Correction Methods

There are a few options available for patients who are looking to try naturally correcting their lazy eyelids. One of the most effective methods is through the application of repetitive, strengthening exercises for your eyelids. These exercises can be performed once a day for about ten minutes and have shown to improve the elasticity in the patient’s eyelid skin. To begin, raise your eyebrows and place your index finger softly on your brow bone. Slowly begin to shut your eyes incrementally instead of in one smooth motion, then when your eyelid is almost completely shut, hold it open for five seconds. Your lid should be slightly pulling where your index finger is lying, but there should be no real pain or harsh tugging. Do this with both eyes about ten times each.

Another effective way to treat a lazy eyelid is through a cosmetic cream aimed at providing youthful collagen into your face. Do some light research on the current eye creams that are available, and remember that the more effective the product, the more likely the price will be a bit more. Sort through your favorite and most trusted skincare brands to find potential new products, ask for recommendations from friends, and even consider asking store associated at major cosmetics stores. Online reviews are a great way to see how products are working for other people, and if you still can’t find a great product, ask your doctor for an opinion too! When you find the perfect eye cream to help tighten your skin, apply at least once per day, and try to aim for every morning and every evening for the best results.

Correction Through Surgery

When you have exhausted all your efforts and you are still not seeing the results you want, it may be time to see a certified eye surgeon and discuss the possibility of ptosis surgery. Ptosis surgeries are not one of the more commonly discussed surgeries, but it is a very specific and delicate technique that is aimed at improving the overall look of patient’s eye skin, and it can also be an effective treatment option for improving vision, as the lazy eyelid is carefully lifted back into place and out of the way of the eye’s vision! When you decide to have a ptosis surgery performed, your doctor will be able to customize the surgery to your specific features and preferences, and you will be able to converse about how you want the final outcome to look. You may choose to perform a ptosis surgery on just one eye, or you can include a lower eyelid treatment as well! When recovering after eyelid surgery, the most important thing to remember is to go very slowly and allow your body the time it needs to heal. Most patients require at least two weeks of rest before daily activity can continue. Don’t let your lazy eyelid keep you from living your life to the fullest! Call the Taban MD offices today and schedule your first consultation appointment with Dr. Taban today!