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Importance of Eyes in Attraction

Eyes are a huge part of non-verbal communication. There is a clear relationship between eye contact and attraction. Whether it’s locking eyes, a wink, or even a short glance over when the other person isn’t looking, eye contact can say a lot when it comes to communication. Below are some examples of the significant impact eyes have on attraction. We can’t stress enough the importance of eyes in attraction.

Creating Attraction:

Research has proven that maintaining eye contact with someone can create attraction. This can be romantic or even non-romantic as eye contact can draw people in to want to talk to you or get to know you better. Smiling can strengthen this attraction as it is perceived as welcoming.

Mutual Eye Contact:

While eye contact may be sparked by one person, or maybe you look at someone at the exact same time, it can be powerful during the time both of your eyes meet. It is understood that if someone looks at you for a long time, they may find you attractive. That long gaze can also cause you to be attracted to the other person through their attention alone.

Catching Someone’s Eye:

Movement when you make eye contact can be more potent than eye contact alone. This is because you are literally “catching someone’s eye” as you pass or move around them. The combination of movement and eye contact has been found to make someone both more memorable and noticeable.

Eye Contact During Conversation:

When you talk to someone, you likely focus primarily on their eyes. One of the key ways you can see the importance of eyes in attraction is how they are used to communicate feelings and show that we are giving someone our attention. The individualized attention can be powerful for both the person gazing and the person who is being looked at. This is because it shows interest, focus, and care through the straightforward act of maintaining eye contact.


Eye contact can be really powerful in romantic situations, especially when first meeting. Researchers have found that it is one of the most effective ways to make someone feel recognized. Eye contact can make someone feel seen, understood, and validated as your attention is focused on them.


While a smile is inviting, the old saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul” rings true. Eye contact can not only help you determine if someone is honest or not, but it can also help keep them honest. Maintaining consistent eye contact with someone can be a powerful tool. For example, eye contact in negotiations can be a powerful way to not only preserve power but force the other person to engage.

Eye Contact and Eyes:

The way a person’s eyes look physically can be a significant factor in attraction. If someone has beautiful eyes but does not take care of their skin, it may make them look aged and less attractive. Taking care of one’s eye area is essential, as most people primarily focus on that area of someone’s face when talking.

Attraction and eye contact go hand in hand as it is a powerful way not only to give someone attention but to get someone’s attention. If you are not happy with your eyes due to premature aging, wrinkles, or drooping eyes, a medical professional can help.

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