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Is Almond Eye Surgery Permanent?

Almond eye surgery is a popular oculofacial surgery where a physician tapers the outer edges of the eyelids in order to create a more pointed, almond shape at the edges of the eyes. But is almond eye surgery permanent?

Is Almond Eye Surgery Permanent?

Also known as a Canthoplasty, this procedure is particularly popular in cultures where almond-shaped eyes are considered more beautiful.

If you’re considering having this procedure performed yourself, you may have questions regarding the duration of the results, and whether you’ll have to revisit your surgeon in the future to maintain the shape of your newly acquired almond eyes.

What follows is some information related to the surgery and its details.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Technically speaking, almond eye surgery is a permanent procedure, with the aesthetic results more or less lasting for the rest of one’s life.

However, you may find that as the years pass that you will want to return to your surgeon to update and replenish the results from your almond eye surgery. This is because a number of factors can impact the appearance of your procedure and how long it maintains its peak results.

Some of these factors include things like:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Tobacco intake
  • Alcohol use
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Sun exposure

Heavy exposure to one or more of these external factors can heavily impact the results of your surgery and how long it lasts. In addition, these external factors interact with the internal factors of genetics and medical history to produce a complex picture of what one’s expectation should be in regards to the operation.

Prior To Your Operation

Before you head to the operating room, you’ll be able to set up at least one consultation with your physician in order to discuss some of the factors that will go into your procedure.

Some of these factors include your lifestyle, medical history, history of surgeries, and other relevant points of information that are important for your doctor to consider.

You’ll also be able to discuss your aesthetic goals and the exact look that you’re going for in regard to your desired outcomes for your Canthoplasty. 

Being as explicit as possible can help your doctor dial in their surgical technique in order to deliver you the most satisfying results possible.

Details of The Almond Eye Surgery Procedure

When performed by a specialist surgeon with refined technique, an Almond eye surgery is surprisingly short, and oftentimes can be completed in just about 30 minutes.

Depending on whether your surgeon utilizes local or general anesthesia, this time frame may be shortened or lengthened. Under local anesthesia, the surgery might take an even shorter amount of time, while under general it may take longer.

The recovery time for a Canthoplasty is also relatively short, and most patients recover from their operations within 4-5 days. Generally speaking, the operation remains thought of as being very safe as well, with few serious complicating factors at play.

Of course, all of these factors stay mediated by the details of your personal health and lifestyle, which you’ll discuss in depth with your physician prior to the operation.

Medical Conditions Treated by Canthoplasty

In addition to its ability to provide pleasing aesthetic results, a Canthoplasty can be a useful operation to employ in order to correct and manage certain medical conditions.

Some of these conditions include Ectropion, a condition where the lower eyelid sags away from the eye and exposes the inner eyelid and surface of the eye. Ectropion carries with it a number of irritating risks, including increased dryness, irritation, and an increased risk of infection.

Another condition that almond eye surgery can help correct is that of loose or sagging eyelids. While generally speaking this phenomenon does not remain considered to be medically dangerous, if it becomes severe enough it can begin to interfere with day-to-day activities such as driving a car or navigating tight spaces.

If you’re suffering from either of these conditions, a Canthoplasty may prove to be both medically and aesthetically appropriate, both helping to restore your proper vision while helping to improve your appearance in desired ways.

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