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Is it Possible to Fix Uneven Eyes?

is it possible to fix uneven eyes

Do you look in the mirror or at pictures of yourself and immediately notice your uneven eyes? Professionally referred to as eye asymmetry, having an uneven look to your eyes is more common than you may think. In fact, our team at Taban MD have built our practice around helping patients with cosmetic eye surgery in Los Angeles.

Is it possible to fix uneven eyes?

What Causes Uneven Eyes?

A number of different factors cause the appearance of uneven eyes. Some of the common causes that you may be familiar with are genetics or lack of sleep. However, it is also important to know additional causes that may be more serious.

  • EnophthalmosEnophthalmos causes eye asymmetry through the displacement of the eye. One indicator of Enophthalmos is when your eye has a sinking look, especially after some trauma to the area. For some, the results of Enophthalmos are almost immediate, but for others, the symptoms appear gradually over time. It is also important to note any pain or sensitivity around the are. Make an appointment with a specialist to ensure that no further damage.
  • Ptosis– Another factor that can influence the appearance of uneven eyes is Ptosis. This is when the muscle that holds up your eyelid detaches from the eyelid, resulting in a drooping look.  If you have recently experienced any neurological conditions or a stroke, then this may be a direct result of that.

It is also important to note that it is very rare for someone to have completely symmetrical features. In addition, factors like the eyebrow bone or the shape of your nose can influence the look of uneven eyes. Sometimes the eyes are not the focus of the problem, and it is hard for someone without the proper knowledge to tell the difference. For this reason, it is crucial to seek the help of a professional in order to accurately diagnose what the cause of your asymmetry is.

Is it Possible to Fix Uneven Eyes?

Depending on the cause of your eye asymmetry, it can be possible to fix. One of the common procedures to correct the uneven look of your eyes is surgery. This is especially common for patients who are experiencing vision issues because of asymmetry. Some of the effective options include Ptosis surgery, upper eyelid retraction, lower eyelid retraction, eyebrow correction, and orbital decompression surgery.

Each of these procedures is complex in its own right and designed to correct a multitude of asymmetry issues with your eyes. They are also recommended based on the cause of the asymmetry. This will ensure that you achieve the desired result that you are looking for. To get detailed information on what to expect from each procedure and which one is right for you, contact Taban MD. With our extensive experience, a multitude of treatment options, and broad knowledge of eye symmetry, we are the professionals to trust.

Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, it is important that you are happy with the way they look. Whether you are looking to fix eye asymmetry for cosmetic reasons or to increase your vision, there are treatment options available. The first step is to make the call to Taban MD. From there, you will receive a diagnosis and a proper treatment plan will be made. Take the first step to symmetrical eyes and a look you love by contacting us today.