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Monolids vs Double Eyelids Guide

It is often said that your eyes are the window to your soul. Your eyes are also the first thing that people notice when they look at you. Many people often experience dissatisfaction with the look of their eyelids. Sometimes it may be the shape they were born with, and for others it may be due to the effects of aging. Both can be addressed through cosmetic surgery, depending on your desired aesthetic. Below you will find a monolids vs double eyelids guide and what you can do if you are unhappy with the look and shape of your eyelids.

Monolids vs Double Eyelids

You may wonder what type of eyelid you have and what it means. Monolids occur when your upper eyelids don’t have the natural arc-shaped crease between your eyelashes and your eyebrows. Monolid eyes often make your eyes look smaller as the lid decreases the opening between your upper and lower lids. Still, don’t confuse this with hooded eyes or ptosis. Hooded eyes often impact those with double eyelids. However, people who have monolids often complain that their eyes look small and tired. Double eyelid surgery can address monolids and help create a more defined eye arc.

Double eyelids are the opposite of monolids. They have an arc-shaped crease between your eyelids and your eyelashes. Double eyelids can often be impacted by effects of aging as sagging often occurs. Eyelid sagging can also be referred to as hooded eyes and it occurs when the skin directly below your brow line folds over the upper eyelid area. Those with double eyelids can also experience ptosis. This refers to the dropping of the upper eyelid. And it would normally be in a more elevated position. These conditions often age your face and can also impact your vision depending on the severity. We can address this with droopy upper eyelid ptosis surgery.

Treatment for Monolids and Double Eyelids

For those who are unhappy with their monolids and want to make their eyes appear more open and youthful, double eyelid surgery is a great option. Double eyelid surgery is a procedure that helps create a more defined arc in your eyelids. Alternatively, droopy upper eyelid ptosis surgery can address double eyelids that have excess sagging. Both operations are performed under local anesthesia, with or without sedation. This will be discussed and decided at your consultation. The procedures take between thirty to forty minutes and you can often return home the same day.

The recovery process takes roughly seven to ten days. You will experience bruising and swelling. But this should subside within a short period. We will prescribe you pain medication. But there is little to no discomfort after the first day of your surgery. During your recovery period its vital that you follow your post-surgery instructions and care plan. This will help move your recovery along, in addition to ensuring that your results are successful.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeon

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