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Combined DCR and Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty

Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is the ONLY surgeon in the world who performs combined tear duct surgery (DCR) and cosmetic rhinoplasty (plus functional nose surgery, septoplasty, etc) at the same time (“Rhino-DCR” or R-DCR operation).

Patients with tearing secondary to blocked tear ducts often have concurrent difficulty with breathing secondary to deviated septum or other nasal problem. They often require concurrent nose surgery (septal deviation surgery, turbinate surgery, nasal collapse surgery) along with tear duct surgery (DCR). This is usually done by two different surgeons (oculoplastic surgeon and nose surgeon) at different times, requiring two separate surgeries with two postoperative recoveries. Moreover, many patients are unhappy about the appearance of their nose and for many years, they have thought about undergoing cosmetic rhinoplasty but haven’t done it due to cost, recovery period, or stigmata of having had a “nose job”.

Performing rhinoplasty at the time of DCR has the many advantages of a combined operation for those patients who are also interested in nose reshaping. DCR surgery offers these patients the excuse they need to undergo aesthetic rhinoplasty, which they have been holding off because of cost, recovery time, and surrounding stigmata. Combining aesthetic rhinoplasty with DCR does not significantly add to the recovery time, it is less costly, and allows patients to tell others they had reconstructive nose/lacrimal surgery, rather than aesthetic nose surgery. Furthermore, many of these patients would need functional septoplasty anyways, both for breathing issue (septal deviation) and/or to provide better visualization during endoscopic DCR. Dr. Taban is currently recruiting more patients for Rhino-DCR for a UCLA research study.

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