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Rejuvenating Your Look Through Lower Lid Surgery

Are you walking around with puffy, baggy or tired-looking eyes and nothing seems to help? You’ve tried eye creams and have even managed to squeeze in more time to sleep in hopes of improving the appearance of your eyes with little to no results? A surgical technique called lower blepharoplasty is the technical term used for surgical rejuvenation for lower eyelids.  Many patients, both young and old, have turned to this procedure in order to combat the tired puffy look and have enjoyed gratifying results. Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban, an oculoplastic surgeon, offers eyelid plastic surgery in Beverly Hills and has helped many patients combat the puffy eyelid look. But what causes the puffiness in the lower lid in the first place?

What are the Causes of an Aging Lower Eyelid?

The major causes of the puffy tired look, particularly in the lower lid, include: genetics, lack of sleep, and poor skin elasticity. Overall, these can give you an older or sleepy appearance.

The signs of aging of the lower eyelid include:

  • Laxity of the cantal ligament
  • Descent of the orbicularis oculi muscle
  • Herniation of the fat pads
  • Loose and excess skin
  • Texture changes of the skin

Lower blepharoplasty, performed by Beverly Hills eyelid surgeon Dr. Taban, has been the solution of choice due to its proven track record. Eyelid surgery can remove fat, along with excess skin, from the upper and lower eyelids to produce a smoother, more rested appearance.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

The operation is most commonly done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia alone or conscious sedation. The incision for the lower eyelids is usually inside the lower lids, avoiding external incisions and scar. In the instance that there is excess skin, an incision is also made below the lashes. Through these incision sites, your surgeon is able to eliminate skin and fat. Typically sutures are not required unless an incision is made below the lashes, in which case an absorbable suture is used. Post-surgery bruising and swelling typically subsides in 7-10 days.

But before you move forward with the procedure, there are a few things you should discuss with your surgeon, especially in light of the different approaches to be considered.

What Should You Discuss With Your Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Some main questions should include:

  • Should the incision be made on the inside or on the outside to incorporate removal of some skin at the same time as recontouring of the fat in the lower eyelid?
  • Is it necessary to remove some skin and muscle, or is fat recontouring more important?
  • Can the fat from the cheeks be elevated and suspended in order to fill in the depression that gives the appearance of dark circles under the eyes?
  • Are there any contour irregularities in the cheeks or farther out in the lower eyelids?
  • Do any changes need to be made at the cores of the eyes?

Dr. Taban is a compassionate oculoplastic surgeon who provides his patients the best possible care and can answer all of your questions.

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