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Tattoo Eyebrows: Are They Worth It?

Too often women shave their natural eyebrow hair and tattoo an artificial eyebrow higher than the original position.  They do that because the forehead and eyebrows fall with aging.  However, this can pose problems down the road when people decide to have surgery to raise their eyebrows. As a board certified oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, Dr. Taban wants you to know about all of the possibilities available to achieve a raised brow without turning to the sometimes unforgiving tattoo eyebrows.

Why Choose Tattoo Eyebrows?

Most often, women choose to tattoo eyebrows in place of their actual eyebrows in hopes of beating the aging process by appearing to have higher brows. Unfortunately, there are several problems that can present themselves down the road should a person want to seek surgical treatment.

If a person every wants to remove their tattoo eyebrows, the oculoplastic surgeon cannot lift the forehead and eyebrows because then the artificial tattooed eyebrows would be raised unnaturally high, resulting in surprised, unpleasing appearance.  The other option would be to erase the tattooed eyebrows prior to the operation but that is very difficult and it may not possible. Therefore, women need to be aware of this phenomenon and think about the long-term scenario before committing to having tattooed eyebrows.

Surgical Brow Lift

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to fix your sagging eyebrows, there are multiple treatment options that can help you achieve a more youthful look without the need for tattoos. One great option is to go under the knife for a surgical brow lift. This procedure can be done in several different ways, and the best for you will be decided upon during your initial consult with a board certified oculoplastic surgeon. The different types of brow lifts include the following:

  • · Endoscopic Brow Lift—a minimally invasive surgery which uses several small incisions behind the hairline, making them unnoticeable.
  • Pretichial Eyebrow Lift—a surgical procedure with incisions along the hairlines which lifts the outer half of each eyebrow.
  • · Direct Brow Lift—involves removing a portion of skin and tissue following the length of the eyebrows.

Botox Brow Lift

The Botox brow lift is another great way that a patient can actually raise their eyebrows without undergoing any type of surgery. This involves your oculoplastic surgeon injecting many units of Botox in order to paralyze your brow muscles, resulting in them drifting upward. This helps the patient achieve similar effects of a brow lift without any down time or recovery time. If you’re interested in learning more about the Botox brow lift, contact Dr. Taban today to inquire further.

Contact Dr. Taban

Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is a board certified oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara who has extensive knowledge in the performance of various reconstructive and plastic surgeries pertaining to the eyes and orbit. If you’d like to speak with Dr. Taban in greater depth about what you can do to revive your eyebrows without going to extremes involving tattoos, he encourages you to contact him today to schedule your initial consultation at his Beverly Hills office (805) 669-9101 or Santa Barbara office (877) 958-9277. It’s important to remember the long term effects of tattoo eyebrows before undergoing the procedure, and Dr. Taban urges you to read more about other possibilities including an eyebrow lift.