Keira D, June 20, 2012

I went to go see Dr. Taban for a small sty I had in my eye for a while that just wouldn’t go away. I went to see other doctors but didn’t feel comfortable. I heard about him through a friend of my family. When I went to see him his office was clean and new. His receptionist is very sweet and professional. Dr. Taban was on-time which for me is a miracle for any doctor!”
“He explained what he usually does for a sty and he recommended removing it because it was starting to impose on my vision a bit. He removed it right in the office! I barely felt anything and I don’t have any scarring which I’m so excited about!”
“One thing I really liked about him is that he is very direct and sometimes I feel like doctors don’t want to tell you what is REALLY going on… I think Dr. Taban is awesome and I highly recommend him.

By Keira D,
June 20, 2012

April 10, 2017