Robtronic237 March 2018

Dr Taban is genius at fixing lower eyelid complications. My lower eyelids were destroyed by a very prominent Great Neck plastic surgeon. I suffered severe lower eyelid retraction and bilateral ectropion … I was forced to tape my lower eyelids up day and night for 2 years while the original surgeon tried various ways to correct his bad work. I finally reached a point where I knew it would take a miracle… After being told by various oculoplastic surgeons that there was nothing that could be done … I flew out to Los Angeles… To make a long story short Dr. Taban performed the impossible. … I have no doubt that Dr. Taban is the #1 oculoplastic surgeon in the world because of the absolutely stunning work he did… I should also point out that Dr. Tabans aesthetic work around the eyes is also second to none. … Quite simply put, he is the best there is!


March 2018

May 16, 2018