By Sara W. February 4, 2015

Dr. Taban came highly recommended by a client of mine. I saw him back in Dec. 2014 for Aculoplastic surgery. In the first a few minutes of the consultaion I was convinced that Dr. Taban is the real deal. I made appt for the surgery and felt very confident that he knows his craft. The day of the surgery I had local anesthesia, which was bit painful, but in a few minutes the area was numb. I was asleep almost the whole time even though it was only local anesthesia. I never felt a thing. Dr. Taban is genius, he’s also an artist which he has to, to do this amazing job. He doesn’t do the ‘surprise look’, his work is very natural, he just take some skin off the lids and shorten the eye lids muscles and worked on the lower eyes also. I was black and blue when I left I follow all of his instructions with ice packs, antibiotics eye jell and oral antibiotic only for 5 days. The 10th day I was back to work and have been receiving many compliments. This Monday will be my one month after surgery and there’s almost no sign of stitches to surgery. It was rough, I must say, but well worth it. Dr. Taban, knows his craft. He’s very professional, knowledgeable, serious and answers all questions. When I called to the office during my recovery to ask questions, he got on the phone immediately. One time i had concern about my eyes and he asked me to come in within an hour. I have no complains to Dr. Taban or his staff, they’ve been kind, easy to work with and comforting. Thank you very much

By Sara W.
February 4, 2015

April 10, 2017