Tina A. November 10, 2014

Tina A. November 10, 2014

My husband had large bags under his eyes and a hollow area around his cheek bone. Dr. Taban removed the fat below his eyes and moved it to flatten out the hollow area above his cheek bone. He did a fabulous job. My husband used to look very tired all the time, now the tired look is gone and he looks and feels wonderful!

By Tina A.
November 10, 2014

Dr. Ray Taban Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is one of the few board certified surgeons who is a member of the American Society of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS), diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), and the American Board of Ophthalmology (AAO or ABO). Dr. Taban specializes in eyelid and facial plastic (cosmetic and reconstructive) surgery. He uses the latest technology in surgery, including minimal incision techniques, to provide quicker recovery times and natural outcomes. Learn more about Dr. Taban here.

April 10, 2017