Vitals – February 18, 2016

… I had ptosis and double eyelid surgery back in September of 2015. The results from the surgery is EXCELLENT, I could not be happier! Dr. Taban is incredible and a PHENOMENAL doctor. I literally tell everyone that I meet, who I feel will benefit from Dr. Taban’s expertise to go see him. I found Dr. Taban through a review he wrote on, where he mentioned Horner’s syndrome, a condition that I have. (drooping upper eyelid, caused by damage to sympathetic nerves) I have always been super self-conscious about my eye (11 years !! all through my teenage years) and wore heavy eye makeup to cover the differences in my eyes. It has been a huge blow to my self-esteem and confidence level. I was told by my neurologist and confirmed on many websites that Horner’s syndrome was incurable, until I came upon Dr. Taban’s review & website. After about 20 minutes of scrolling through his website and gallery (which I must say gave me soooo much hope after seeing his gallery), I sent him an email to find out more about the surgery and whether my drooping upper eyelid can be fixed, and keep in mind this was past midnight. Early next day I received an email personally from Dr. Taban answering all the questions I had, I proceeded to setup a consultation with his office. … I’ve never written a review in my life and I just to want to communicate to the fellow readers, after dealing with something that I never imagined could be corrected, my experience with Dr. Taban has been such a blessing. Only wish I found him sooner!!! Go for a consultation, put your trust in Dr. Taban he really is an incredible doctor and very much qualified in this field. Truly so grateful and happy with the experience and result!

February 18, 2016

April 10, 2017