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The Many Different Shapes of The Eye

The eyes are the most prominent facial feature. As a result, the shape of the eye especially influences how people perceive a person’s beauty.

There are many different shapes of an eye, all which can be enhanced to make a person appear more youthful and attractive. In many cultures, the almond eye is considered the most beautiful and favorable. Many people who do not have an almond shaped eye choose to undergo common and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to improve the aesthetics of the eye.

32 year old female, with congenital lower eyelid retraction and canthal dystopia with mongloid slant, underwent Almond Eye Surgery (lower eyelid retraction surgery, soof lift, spacer graft, canthoplasty). Before and 3 months after almond eye surgery photos are shown.


Understanding the Shapes of an Eye


Sunken Eye

The sunken eye shape refers to an eye that appear to have sunk backwards in its orbit. A Sunken eye is commonly caused and worsened by age.

Bulging Eye

The bulging eye is more exposed because it protrudes outwards, causing the eye to appear larger. Due to the extra exposure, a bulging eye can become easily irritated. This condition often requires medical treatment.

Upturned Eye

Also known as a “doe eye,” the upturned eye is positioned slightly up, towards the palpebral fissure (the opening between the eyelids) and the eyebrows.

Cocker Spaniel Eye

With the cocker spaniel eye the palpebral fissure sags outwards and downwards. The drooping shape of the cocker spaniel eye causes patients to look sad. Often patients with cocker spaniel eyes also have drooping eyebrows. This even further accentuates the sad appearance.

Round Eye

A round eye presents a visible sclera (the white outer layer of the eyeball) between the iris and eyelids, compared to an almond eye where the iris touches the bottom and top eyelids.


Almond Eye

An almond eye has an outer corner that is positioned slightly higher than the inner corner. Also, the eyelid covers most of the sclera (the outer white layer of the eyeball). As has been noted, many cultures consider almond eyes the most attractive and desirable.


Injection of Hyaluronic Acid

Fortunately for people who want to improve the shape of their eyes, there is a non-surgical procedure that involves the injection of Hyaluronic Acid. Found in many areas of the body, it’s a carbonate that provides moisture or lubrication.

Also found inside the eyeball, hyaluronic acid makes the fluid inside of the eye have high viscosity. It makes the gel-like fluid serve the dual function of transporting nutrients into the eye and acting as a shock absorber for the eye. As people age, their eyes tend to produce less hyaluronic acid. This contributes to the loss of the eyes’ youthful shape.

Due to its natural properties, many oculoplastic surgeons recommend the injection of hyaluronic acid to restore youthfulness to eyes. Dr. Taban of Southern California utilizes the traction technique. Which means he first injects the treatment against the bone. Dr. Taban then successfully pulls the outer corner of the eye laterally outward and upward producing almond shaped eyes.

The exact location of the injection varies according to each patient’s orbital anatomy and it is essential that an experienced doctor performs this procedure in order to give patients the best results. The recovery of this procedure is minimal and swelling only lasts two days.

39 year old female, with graves thyroid eye disease with asymmetric eyes underwent following procedures: orbital decompression for bulging eyes (left worse), left upper retraction surgery, right upper eyelid ptosis surgery, and bilateral lower eyelid retraction surgery. Before and 3 months after eye plastic surgery photos are shown.


Almond Eye Shape Surgery

For patients who want a more permanent procedure, minimally invasive eye shape surgery (canthoplasty) corrects the outer corners of the eye. Dr. Taban, renowned oculoplastic surgeon, developed a modernized technique that is less invasive than previous methods. This technique is more successful in hiding visible signs of scarring and reduces the chance of future complications.

If you are considering an hyaluronic acid injection or an eye shape surgery, contact Dr. Taban’s office to schedule a consultation. He can examine your eye shape and and discuss your best treatment options.