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Top 10 Reasons to Consider Oculoplastic Surgery in 2018

The eyelids can contribute more than you think to your appearance, as they can make you appear older, tired, or even haggard if you have prominent under eye bags and/or dark circles.

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If you’re like many people who want to look their best in 2018 and beyond, regardless of age, it may be to your benefit to consider oculoplastic surgery. But why undergo such a procedure?

According to expert Los Angeles oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Mehryar “Ray” Taban and the skilled, compassionate staff at TabanMD, there are plenty of reasons.

10 Top Reasons to Consider Oculoplastic Surgery in 2018

1. Minimize Physical Discomfort

Excess eyelid skin on your lower or upper eyelid can affect your vision in addition to your appearance. For example, the eyeball could be constantly irritated and dry due to a severely sagging lower eyelid, which can be very uncomfortable.

If you have chronically sagging upper eyelids, you could have discomfort such as headaches because you compensate for the obstructed vision by tilting the head or opening the eyes more than usual.

A blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) on an upper or lower eyelid – or even both – can be a suitable repair that improves your appearance and eliminates discomfort and obstructed vision.

2. Restore Self-Esteem

You can boost your self-image in a variety of ways – a new hairstyle, earrings, or exercising as well as makeup, false eyelashes, fake nails, etc. – and eyelid surgery is just another method.

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Not only will a blepharoplasty improve your appearance, but it can also restore your self-confidence. If you’ve previously been introverted and/or self-conscious about your eyes, and the subsequent effect on your overall appearance, then a minimally invasive procedure could be worth it.

If it boosts your self-esteem in a highly competitive, highly judgmental world, why not?

3. Prepare for a Special Event

It’s winter, so a big wedding (perhaps your own?), a landmark class reunion, or even a well-deserved vacation may be coming up.

You’ll know there will be the obligatory group photos and selfies, so it’s a good time to consider a rejuvenating eye procedure that brings out your best when seeing old friends (or flames!) or meeting new ones.

4. Treat Yourself Just Because

If you’re like many people, 2017 was a rocky year personally or professionally, or maybe it’s time to simply revitalize your eyes and be more comfortable, even sexier.

A full helping of self-motivation can empower, while a lack of it can deflate. Eyelid surgery could put a bounce back in your step. A little self-improvement goes a long way.

5. Match How You Feel Inside

How you feel (youthful and energetic) does not always match how you look, even in your 30s. Oculoplastic surgery won’t stop aging but it can boost morale and match how you feel inwardly.

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6. Get Back on Your Feet Quickly and Safely

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about surgery, especially a procedure for the eyes. However, in the hands of an expert, highly trained oculoplastic surgeon, a blepharoplasty is safe and relatively quick because it’s a minimally invasive procedure performed with delicacy and precision.

Combine this with the need for only local anesthesia and you may not even need pain relief (many patients don’t).

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7. Natural-Looking Results That Last

At the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Taban, eyelid surgery often results in discreet or even completely invisible scarring. Furthermore, with the advanced techniques that come only with extensive training and experience, any scarring can disappear in weeks for results that look natural.

In fact, eyelid surgery is a long-term solution, as many patients have bright, rejuvenated eyes for many years.

8. Boost That Career

Regardless of how you feel inside or how energetic you really are, and as unfortunate as it may be, a tired or aging appearance can hold your career back. Regain the confidence that goes with not just experience but also your appearance and get that career back on track – or jumpstart a new one.

9. Keep Spending to a Relative Minimum

If you’re not comfortable undergoing oculoplastic surgery for fear of spending too much money, you might be pleasantly surprised to find how reasonable the cost is, especially considering the immeasurable effects it could have on your appearance.

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10. Emulate Someone You Admire or Respect

In business school, medical school, or law school, professors suggest you imitate those you look up to or aspire to be. Why should this be different?

So if you want to emulate the appearance of someone you respect – whether it’s a famous singer, youthful-looking silver screen star, or wildly successful entrepreneur – here’s a way to follow what they do.

Regardless of the Reason, If You’re Considering Eyelid Surgery in 2018, Contact Dr. Taban

Although you’ve just read about top 10 reasons to get eyelid surgery, there could be dozens more. Whatever the reason, be sure to contact the oculoplastic surgery staff at TabanMD to schedule a consultation in Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara.

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