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Top Reasons for Seeking Eyelid Revision

Certain facial changes occur due to the natural aging process. This is especially true around your eyes as the muscles supporting your eyelids weaken and the surrounding skin and fat sags. The appearance of your eyes can look tired due to heavy brows and lower eye bags. Many people feel insecure about this as it can dramatically impact your facial aesthetic. One of the most effective methods for treating this issue is eyelid revision. Below you will find the top reasons for seeking eyelid revision.

Top Reasons for Seeking Eyelid Revision

Eyelid revision surgery can enhance your appearance and offer a number of other benefits. Consider the following reasons so many people seek eyelid revision surgery.

Address Vision Issues:

For some people the sagging skin, fat, and muscle can impact their vision. The brow can become very heavy and make it difficult to see. Not only can this impact your daily life, but it can also be dangerous if you drive or operate heavy machinery. If your vision is impacted due to the impact sagging brows can have on your vision, consider eyelid revision surgery in Beverly Hills. It can restore your ability to see without impairment from your sagging brows.

Increased Confidence:

Because of the negative impact sagging brows and lower eye bags can have on your appearance, many people experience issues with their confidence. Sagging eyebrows and lower eye bags can make you look tired, angry, and much older than you are. Instead of living with low confidence, eyelid revision surgery can help restore your youthful look. It can take years off your face and patients often report an increase in self-confidence post-surgery.

Cosmetic Benefits:

Eyelid revision surgery can help improve your appearance as it can address a number of issues. Not only can the procedure address sagging eyelids and lower eye bags, but it can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes can make you look much older than you are. Eyelid revision surgery can also combine with other procedures or treatments to further enhance your appearance. Many patients opt to get Botox or dermal fillers. With proper skincare and healthy lifestyle habits, the treatments can ensure that the eyelid revision results are long-lasting.

Eyelid Surgery Options

Eyelid revision surgery is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures. It is designed to improve the appearance of your eyelids as it tightens and smooths out the areas around your eyes. There are two types of eyelid surgery and you may opt for one or both depending on your unique needs. This can be discussed at your consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

Upper Eyelid Surgery:

Upper eyelid surgery repositions or removes the excess skin and tissues around your eyelids. This helps tighten the skin around your eyes and helps improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes.

Lower Eyelid Surgery:

Lower eyelid surgery addresses lower eye bags. It involves the removal of the excess skin and fat below your eyes. Removing the bags under your eyes can help you look more rested and youthful.

Scheduling A Consultation

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyes, consider eyelid revision surgery. The first step in restoring your appearance is setting up a consultation with a skilled oculoplastic surgeon. The surgeon can help you determine what procedure is right for you. They can also offer additional treatments that may be necessary to ensure your results last.

The team at Taban MD Oculoplastic Surgery have helped countless patients restore their appearance and improve their vision with eyelid revision surgery. Contact their team today to set up a consultation!