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Treating Facial Paralysis & Eyelid Paralysis

Whether it’s a sudden onset of symptoms or something that you’ve been dealing with for quite some time, treating your facial paralysis or eyelid paralysis can be a very difficult and stressful thing for most patients. Fortunately Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban, offers several different treatment options that can help you recover from your facial paralysis.

Treatment For Facial Paralysis Or Eyelid Paralysis

When you schedule your initial consult with Dr. Taban, he will assess your facial paralysis and explain the best procedures for your unique case. Depending on the severity of the issue and what exactly is causing your facial paralysis or eyelid paralysis, a treatment plan can be put into action following your initial meeting. The following procedures to treat facial paralysis or eyelid paralysis may benefit you and can be further explained by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.

Upper Eyelid Gold Weight

For patients who are experiencing facial paralysis or eyelid paralysis in their upper eyelids, a surgical option that works well is the insertion of an upper eyelid gold weight to assist in the blinking and closing of the eyelids.  Like its name, this small insert increases the weight of the upper eyelids to aid in the patients’ ability to fully close their eyes.

Dr. Taban is also skilled in the use of temporary fillers, including Restylane and Juvederm, which help increase the weight of the upper eyelids. This procedure is known as an upper eyelid hyaluronic gel injection. This type of procedure is not permanent and it is ideal for those who are not surgical candidates or those with temporary eyelid paralysis.

Lower Eyelid Ectropion Surgery

When patients are experiencing facial paralysis in their lower eyelids, one of the best courses of treatment is lower eyelid ectropion surgery. During this type of surgery, Dr. Taban tightens the lower eyelid to reduce drooping and rolling of the lower eyelid to help reduce eye irritation and tearing.


Depending on the patient, this type of eyelid paralysis surgery can either be permanent or temporary. In tarsorrhaphy surgery, the lateral corner of the eyelid or eyelids are pinched, making the eye smaller and allowing for easier closure of the eyelids.

Am I A Good Candidate for Treating Facial Paralysis & Eyelid Paralysis?

If you are currently experiencing facial paralysis or eyelid paralysis, you may be an excellent candidate for the procedures stated above. During your consult with Dr. Taban, you will be examined in extreme detail, allowing a proper treatment plan to be put into place and allowing you to finally be put on the road to recovery. Due to the uniqueness of every patients’ situation, the best procedure for you may not always be the most appropriate for someone else.

Contact Dr. Taban: Expert Facial Paralysis Surgeon in Beverly Hills & Santa Barbara

When you’re suffering from facial paralysis or eyelid paralysis, it’s always best to seek help from a board certified oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon in order to resolve your ailments. Dr. Taban is skilled in assisting patients afflicted with various types of facial paralysis or eyelid paralysis with the use of upper eyelid gold weights, lower eyelid ectropion surgery, and tarsorrhaphy. If you’d like to speak with Dr. Taban, oculoplastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, about your best treatment options today, contact his office to schedule an initial consult