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Types of Anesthesia For Oculoplastic or Eyelid Surgery

Here are three basic types of anesthesia that can be used during oculoplastic or eyelid surgery. From least invasive to most invasive are: local anesthesia, MAC anesthesia, and general anesthesia.

Local anesthesia involves injecting local numbing injection to numb the eyelid and surrounding structures and the surgery is performed is performed while the patient is fully awake, much like a dental work. MAC anesthesia combines local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, whereby the patient is relaxed and in “twilight sleep” during the surgery, much like how it is done during colonoscopy. Most oculoplastic surgeries can safely be performed using either local anesthesia or MAC anesthesia. The advantages are patient cooperation during the surgery which produces better results along with quicker postoperative recovery.

General anesthesia is usually reserved for more invasive operations (orbital surgery) and kids. The patient is totally put to sleep with an endo-tracheal (breathing) tube.

The decision of what type of anesthesia to use is made by discussion between the patient, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. The type of surgery, the age of the patient, health of the patient, patient wishes, and surgeon preferences are determining factors.  For more information please contact TabanMD:

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