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Upturned Eye Surgery 101

Upturned eyes refer to eye shapes in which the outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner or the eye. In most cultures, upturned eyes are considered more attractive and youthful. The most desired shape is the almond shaped eye. These narrow upturned eyes have upper and lower eyelids that rest close to the iris and cover most of the outer white layer of the eyeball.

Fortunately for people who do not have upturned eyes, there are options to achieve almond shaped eyes. People can apply makeup techniques to make the eyes appear slightly more upturned. Or they can undergo cosmetic almond eye surgery to physically improve the outer corners of the eyes. The makeup techniques provide the visual effect of slightly more upturned eyes. However, they do not create the lasting and natural appearance that almond eye surgery achieves.

Makeup Techniques



The recommended makeup tips can either be applied individually, or all together for the fullest effect.

Eyeliner Tips

The upturned eyeliner technique emphasizes the thick lashes at the roundest part of the eyes. This makes them appear more open and deviates attention from the outer corner. Apply eyeliner at the base of the upper lashes from above the inner corner of the iris to just before the outer corner of the lash line. Do not continue applying to the outer corner. For eyes that are especially down turned, apply eyeliner from the inner corner until the outer edge of the iris.

Eyeshadow Tips

  • Apply the matte base shade from the eyeliner to beneath the brow. Add several shades of the base directly under the eyebrow. Doing so accentuates the arch of the eye and creates a visual lift.
  • Apply the medium shade from above the eyeliner/lash line until slightly above the crease. Do not apply eyeshadow past the imaginary line from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow. For particularly deep eyes, only apply the shadow at the lash lines.
  • Use a flat, firm brush to apply the darkest eyeshadow. You want to create a line from the outer edge of the eyeliner upward and towards the crease at about a 45 degree angle. Next use a blending brush with long, loose bristles to blend the line inward and towards the center of the lid.

Highlighting Tips

  • Use a highlighter or brightening pen and highlight the outer edges of the eyeshadow. Begin from the outer corner of the eye, moving towards the eyebrow. Blend the highlighter with a blending or concealer brush.

Mascara Tips

  • When applying mascara, give the eyes a boost by applying more mascara to the outer two thirds of the lashes.

Applying upturned eye makeup techniques can distract from the down turned eye, but it’s not dramatic enough to achieve the full, desired effect. For people who do not want to bother with daily upturned eye makeup and want a more permanent solution, almond eye surgery may be the best choice.

Almond Eye Surgery

Young female, complained inherited lower eyelid retraction with sclera show and eye asymmetry and rounded eyes. She underwent Almond Eye Surgery including lower eyelid retraction surgery (with soof lift, no spacer graft) and canthoplasty to create more attractive almond shaped eyes. Before and 6 months after cosmetic eyelid surgery photos are shown.

Also known as canthoplasty with eyelid retraction surgery, almond eye surgery has substantially progressed since its inception. Dr. Taban in particular is known for creating a technique that is less invasive than previous methods, thus reducing the chance of scarring or future complications. The outpatient, affordable surgery is minimally invasive and creates an incision inside the lower eyelids, thus hiding visible signs of scarring. Almond eye shape surgery is successful at creating youthful, upturned almond shaped eyes, making the patients appear more attractive and youthful.