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What Causes Uneven Eyes?

Your eyes are often the first thing someone notices about you. Having uneven eyes can cause issues with your self-confidence due to the impact on your facial aesthetic. Uneven eyes are common and not a cause for medical concern. So, what causes uneven eyes? Below you will find helpful information about the causes of uneven eyes and what you can do about it.

What Causes Uneven Eyes?

Perfect facial symmetry is rather uncommon. However, the impact of uneven eyes can make people feel insecure about their appearance. Consider the following causes of uneven eyes.


One of the most common causes of uneven eyes is genetics. Similar to the rest of your facial features, you will likely develop facial features similar to those in your family.


Aging is another highly common cause of uneven eyes. Certain lifestyle habits and the natural aging process impact your skin. The reduction in collagen and elastin can cause your skin to lose its elasticity and result in sagging skin. This can dramatically impact the skin around your eyes which can result in your eyes looking uneven.


This condition is often referred to as a “droopy eyelid.” Ptosis is often caused by the aging process and is most common in older adults. However, congenital ptosis can be present at birth (or develop shortly after). The condition impacts the muscle that holds your eyelid up, which causes it to droop. This condition can impact one or both of your eyes and result in an uneven look.


This condition involves the posterior displacement of your eye. The space behind your eye is impacted and causes your eye to sink. Depending on the cause, this condition can occur gradually or suddenly. The most common cause of enophthalmos is trauma. It can also be caused by medical conditions that affect your sinus cavity, specifically behind your eyes.


Also referred to as “exophthalmos,” proptosis involves the protruding or bulging of one or both of the eyes. The most common cause of this condition is Graves’ disease. The condition causes the tissue around and behind your eye to swell. This causes your eyes to push forward and can result in eyes that look uneven.

Treatment for Uneven Eyes

Depending on the severity, there are a number of treatment options to address uneven eyes. The type of treatment that is right for you can be determined at a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. There are surgical and non-surgical options that can help address the issue.

Eye Asymmetry Surgery:

Eye asymmetry surgery in Beverly Hills is highly effective in addressing uneven eyes. The surgery can address eye asymmetry caused by ptosis, proptosis, enophthalmos, complex upper eyelid asymmetry, eyelid hollowness, upper and lower eyelid retraction, eyebrow asymmetry, lower eyelid asymmetry, and orbital asymmetry.

Brow Lift:

A brow lift, also referred to as a forehead lift, can raise your eyebrows. If your uneven eyes are caused by the placement of your eyebrows, the procedure is effective in addressing the issue.


In mild cases, Botox can be used to address uneven eyes. This is not a permanent option so you will need to continue to get injection treatment. However, it can help even your brows out and result in more symmetrical eyes.

Oculoplastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

In some cases, uneven eyes are purely cosmetic. However, some symptoms indicate that it’s time to contact an oculoplastic surgeon. If you experience vision issues, eye pain, swelling, changes in your eyes due to a trauma or injury, or a pulsing sensation in your eyes, it’s important to contact a professional. Whether your concern is cosmetic or not, an oculoplastic surgeon can help determine what treatment is right for you. Contact Dr. Taban at Taban MD Oculoplastic Surgery today for a consultation!